Q&A #3

My third question and answer video is live! These videos have been really fun to make — thanks for submitting your questions on Instagram!

Things I’ll Miss: In-N-Out

For a recent Q and A video, I was asked what I will miss about San Diego. It was hard to list things off the top of my head, so now that I’ve had a chance to consider I thought it would be fun to share a few of the things I will miss about California before I head to the East Coast.

If you’ve ever mentioned California to a local or even someone who’s visited the state, chances are that In-N-Out was included in the conversation. This prolific burger chain is almost as synonymous with California as Hollywood! With its short and simple menu (and secret menu) of burgers, fries, and shakes, it’s everyone in Cali’s guilty (or not so) pleasure. Plus, you can’t beat the prices! When Matt and I were first dating this was a frequent spot — easy on our poor college student wallets.


There is no In-N-Out in D.C. There is, however, Shake Shack! Which I do enjoy quite a lot as well.




Today’s post is a farewell to In-N-Out. I will miss your cheeseburger with grilled onions, no tomato, and fries. I will return! Some day.

New Apartment Inspiration Pt. 2

Last week I shared a little apartment inspiration for the new living room and bedroom we are looking forward to as part of our move to Washington, D.C. Today I’m tackling the bathroom and kitchen — two of the most important rooms in the house! I’m still keeping with the soft blue and yellow theme with various neutrals mixed in.



There are few things as lovely as clean white towels. Keeping them in a basket will save precious closet space and give a spa-like vibe to our loo. Maybe it’s because Matt is a graphics designer, but we are really into fun wall prints. This one from Society6 is just perfect for the bathroom! The basket is from Crate & Barrel and the shelves are only $50 from Ikea.



In the kitchen we are going minimal with rustic ceramic dishes in white and using the mugs as our pop of color. I had to include our Nespresso machine in this collage — it might be the best thing about our mornings! The plates and cutlery are from Restoration Hardware (ON SALE!), the pitcher and glasses from Crate & Barrel and the mugs are from Urban Outfitters.

I can’t wait to finally get in the space!