San Diego Eats: Monello

The Little Italy area of San Diego is absolutely adorable. Matt and I love heading down there for date nights. There’s something about it that makes us feel like we are on a little European vacation.

One of our favorite restaurants in this part of town in Monello. They have a sister restaurant next door called Bencotto which is just as good. (A post on that coming soon!)


The restaurants are owned by a husband and wife who are originally from Northern Italy.


Monello offers the flavors of Milan with light plates ranging from pastas to veggies and pizzas.


We stopped in for lunch the other day and enjoyed seared chicken with farro, salads, and a big bowl of three cheese pasta. Everything on the menu is fresh and so delicious — you’ll love it all!


Little Italy is five minutes from the San Diego airport so if you’re in the area, there’s no excuse to miss this place! You won’t be disappointed.

A Day At The Del

The Hotel Del Coronado is one of our favorite places in San Diego. I’m kind of biased because this is where Matt proposed to me. It’s such a picturesque place with tons of character, delicious restaurants and a great beach.


This past weekend we decided to head down there, let Bart run on the beach, and enjoy a couple cocktails and appetizers.





I sipped a berry mojito and Matt enjoyed a craft cocktail that was topped with a bit of nutmeg — delicious!


When you’re by the beach, seafood is a must! We’ve become quite the connoisseurs of calamari, and this batch didn’t disappoint.


It was served on top of a creamy white sauce that was a perfect complement to the salty calamari.


Even though we live in San Diego, every time we go to the Del I feel like I’ve been on a mini vacation! Whether you stay at the hotel or just drop in for a stroll and cocktails, I just know you will have an unforgettable time.

San Diego Eats: Champions Family Restaurant

One thing you need to know about me: I’m really into breakfast food. French toast, pancakes, pastries — I’m there! Honestly one of the reasons I most look forward to weekend is that brunch is usually involved. Last weekend I had to head up to North County San Diego to get my blood drawn. Matt and I thought it would be nice to make a morning date out of it. And as we’ve established, I don’t say no to a good breakfast.


We decided to try Champions Family Restaurant. They’re known for good service, good coffee, and amazing cinnamon rolls. Oh, yes.


There’s a counter and plenty seating for couples and families. It’s one of those classic greasy spoon diners, complete with servers who call you “honey”!


For my breakfast I ordered a couple of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and toast. Can’t go wrong, am I right?


I enjoyed a glass of fresh squeezed juice. They didn’t just call it fresh squeezed, either — I watched them juice it into my glass! And because they’re known for them, we had  to get a cinnamon roll. It didn’t disappoint! I even grabbed another to go on the way out.


The restaurant was next to a great antiques store as well — we stopped in for a browse before heading back to the car.

If you’re ever in Escondido and looking for a solid breakfast or just a great cinnamon roll and coffee — Champions is your place!