Why I Love Rice Paper

I’m addicted to rolls. Each and every time I’m at a Thai restaurant, a Vietnamese restaurant, an Indonesian restaurant, you name it, I’m looking at the appetizer list to see what kind of rolls they serve. Some rolls are enrobed in wonton-esque wrappers such as lumpia. Crispy spring rolls are wrapped in sweet mint and tender lettuce. These are delectable and delicious, but they are also fried.

Rice paper wrapped rolls avoid the fried calories and are remarkably easy to make at home with endless possibilities of fillings:

  • julienned vegetables

  • quinoa

  • rice

  • sandwich meats

  • leftovers

  • noodles

  • seafood/sushi

  • couscous

  • even fruit


The mild flavor and tacky texture make rice paper a great mess-free transport for your favorite salads and sandwiches. Try pairing them with a variety of dipping sauces like:

  • peanut

  • aioli

  • sweet and sour

  • mustards

  • nutella

Rice paper wraps can be prepared easily even a couple days before without risk of drying out or becoming soggy. They are packaged much like tortillas but in their rigid state, and can be purchased at Whole Foods and many big brand grocery stores, as well as Asian markets.

Prior to using your wrappers, prepare a warm bath in a large-ish bowl. Place one wrapper at a time into the warm water until it becomes limp, then carefully remove it from the water allowing excess water to run back into the bowl before placing the wrapper onto your work surface (such as a plate or cutting board). Fill and roll up similar to a burrito. The tacky nature of the rice paper will grip to itself and hold its delicious contents in without unravelling, which is why I love rice paper rolls.

Give it a shot and then let me know how you roll!

Old Shoes

I don’t think I’m alone when I say we’ve all gone through fashion phases. There was a solid year in middle school when all I wore was gym shorts and hoodies because I was such a tomboy. Or those few months in college when I rocked insanely large, bright yellow Nikes and men’s vests.


Hey, I will always have a thing for a statement shoe!


Which brings me to this pair of checkered Vans. I purchased these in early college while on a shopping date with my now husband. That was almost six years ago and wouldn’t you know it, this style of Vans/boat shoes are everywhere today! Most ladies are rocking a high class leather version, but I busted out these old checked numbers, gave them a good wash, and I’m trending with the best of them.


Sure, they’re a little on the grunge side of the trend. But I think you should make trends your own! Plus, this trend required spending exactly $0. My kind of trend.


Top: Madewell | Jeans: American Eagle | Blazer: Cynthia Rowley (T.J.Maxx) | Shoes: Vans | Bag: Madden Girl | Glasses: Forever 21

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When You’re Going Through It

We go through seasons in life. A season of settling into a new place. A season spent working on or planning a major life event. A season of happiness or sadness.

Sometimes these seasons last for months or even years. Sometimes they last only a week or two, but it’s a week or two of just going through it. Maybe you’re so tired you can’t imagine what it felt like to be well rested. Maybe your family is struggling and you don’t know how to help them. Or you’re dealing with health issues that cause you to feel isolated and alone. Maybe it’s just been a crappy week at work.

I just want to say.

It’s okay.

It’s a season.

It will pass.


I say this to reassure myself as much as I do to reassure you. When you’re dealing with something that’s difficult, isolating or just monotonous, it can be difficult to see the light. Take a moment to remind yourself that this is only a season. It will come to an end.

And if you’re in a happy season, take a moment to relish it, remember it, and be thankful. Write these moments down. Make a video. Instagram it! Recalling these moments in times of struggle or sadness can bring a smile to your face and a warm reminder that things are going to be okay.

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.” ― Albert Camus

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