Our Bedroom Is Complete!

My husband told me to call this post, “Hanging with a stud while we hang studs.” Hah!

Guys, I’ve been procrastinating. There have been three or four framed photos just chilling out on the floor of our apartment for weeks (ahem, months). It seems like hanging pictures is always the last thing we do when we move into a new space. And everything usually doesn’t get up on the walls until a couple months before we move again. But not this time!

Luckily, Minted.com reached out to me. If you aren’t familar, Minted.com is an online retailer that partners with independent artists to provide gorgeous framed or unframed art for your home! There are hundreds of unique pieces to choose from. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity and a little bit about the artist that created the piece. There is something for every home and style on their site. And I love the idea of supporting unknown artists and having truly unique art pieces in my home.


Bart helped us with the layout. 

Minted was so kind and provided me with two framed prints for our new apartment! I incorporated them into a collage wall above our bed. I think it turned out well!





I love that we were able to combine three religious art pieces (most of which were wedding gifts) with an incredible photo of a cafe in Paris and a whimsical print that is totally bedroom appropriate. At first we thought they wouldn’t work together, but I think the yellow in both Minted pieces tie together the shades of gold and yellow in the icons and the little accent pillow on our bed.





I’m in love with how it came together. AND I’m proud we finally got that art on the wall!
Check out Minted.com for unique art for your home!  

Iceland Part 2

Time for more pictures from Iceland! I definitely took more photos on the second day.

We kicked off our full day on the island with breakfast at The Laundromat. This place is awesome. It’s part restaurant, part working laundromat, part children’s museum/ play area. It does all of those things extremely well and adorably! There were families everywhere. Couples doing laundry, moms holding babies, dads playing with toddlers, all simultaneously enjoying amazing brunch fare and strong Icelandic coffee.






Seriously, if we lived in Reykjavik, this would be a weekly (daily?) stop for us.


After lunch we continued our jaunt through the cobblestone streets stopping in at a local bar designed after the 1998 cult classic, The Big Lebowski. You read that right. It’s a themed bar based on the stoner movie starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman. It’s almost as weird as it sounds. But also charming and completely fun. We thought it would be touristy and silly, but it was filled with locals! There are several bars throughout the space and a bowling alley. Burgers and White Russians are the main fare of choice here. We were still pretty full from lunch but it’s definitely a must if you find yourself in the capital of Iceland.


We took time that afternoon to enjoy the harbor area. Wow. I feel like it’s obvious to say how beautiful the surroundings are in Iceland. It really is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been and pictures  cannot do it justice. The sky is so blue and the snow on the mountains is so white, you feel like you’ve fallen into some idyllic Norman Rockwell snow landscape.


When we go back to Iceland, we plan to spend more time out and about on excursions. From what we’ve heard, the summer months lend themselves well to these outings!

We were quite chilled after our walk by the water and made our way to another local favorite, Tiu Dropar. This tiny basement cafe is probably the most adorable coffee house… possibly ever. We warmed up with two Swiss Mochas, topped with the creamiest milk chocolate. Yum!




That night we went to mass at Christ The King Church, or Landakotskirkja as it’s called there. Across the street is the French Embassy. There were candles and signs placed by the locals. We took a moment and said a prayer for the lives lost in Paris and the families and people who have been affected by the horrific tragedy that took place there.



Mass was beautiful. We thought that there wouldn’t be many people at the English mass since they offered several masses that day in a handful of languages, but we were wrong! The church was packed. It’s so cool to be able to go to mass anywhere in the world, in any language, and it’s still the same celebration.

We finished out the trip with a final meal at Apotek. I couldn’t get many photos — the restaurant was dark! We tried whale for the first time and were pleasantly surprised! Hey, when in Iceland, right?!

Matt and I can’t wait to go back to this beautiful country!

Iceland For The Weekend Part 1

This past weekend, my adorable husband turned 30! Since that only happens once in a lifetime, we decided to do something slightly crazy to celebrate. We went to Iceland for the weekend! Living on the East Coast definitely makes going to Europe much easier and cheaper.

We found discounted tickets through a new Iceland based airline called WOW — I’m talking flights as cheap as $100 one way!  

Neither of us had ever been to Iceland before and thought this trip would be a fun way to discover a new place, celebrate Matt, and see if we want to come back on a longer trip. Spoiler, we are definitely coming back!



We arrived at 5AM Iceland time on Saturday and made our way from the airport to the Hotel Borg in the center of Reykjavik. We took a nap and freshened up before heading out into the city. During this time of year, there isn’t a whole lot of sunlight — the sun rose around 10AM and set around 4PM. But the winter lighting made for gorgeous photos of this incredible city! We wandered up the main streets, stopping into various shops and bakeries. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming! You can tell the people are very proud of their country and enjoy showing tourists everything about their island and culture.


At the top of one of the main streets is the Hallgrimskirkja church. It’s an absolutely breathtaking structure and can be seen from almost anywhere in town. After taking a few photos we grabbed a fresh waffle from an adorable girl selling them from a cart next to the church. (Don’t worry, I’m doing an entire post on the food we ate in Iceland later this week!)




A quick side note: we kept seeing cats all over the city! I documented several of them:



After the sun went down, we decided to grab a drink at the bar next to our hotel. We were greeted by a large, blonde-haired young man who flashed us a huge grin and bellowed, “Welcome to Iceland!” We mosied up to the bar and before we could ask for a cocktail menu, we were served shots of a local spirit called Brennivin — it’s basically unsweetened schnapps and actually quite tasty! We had a few bar snacks as well including popcorn. To be honest, I thought I was ordering a savory popcorn but this had little chocolates in it — Icelandic is a crazy language, guys!




We enjoyed dinner at the Borg restaurant that night and called it an early evening.



Because I took so many pictures, I’m breaking these posts up into several. More coming this week!

Down To Business & Free Jewelry!

Now that I’m working in an office, my wardrobe has to go from business casual to pretty much just business. On the one hand I work in communications so I think there is some room to be a little more artsy, but on the other this is DC, and people take their business attire very seriously.

The other night, my sweet husband ventured into Zara with me to assist in finding a new black blazer and a few tops. (I’m also in desperate need of dress pants. The only place I seem to have any luck is in the Ann Taylor LOFT petite section, but their choices are limited. If anyone out there has the hookup on awesome dress pants for the uber petite, let me know!)

Back to Zara.

I was able to find this boyfriend style blazer for a decent price. It was a little more than I intended to spend, but I’m trying to really hold myself to spending good money on quality pieces that I will wear a lot. This is one of those pieces. The material has a little sheen to it and because the sleeves are designed to be bunched up at the elbows, I don’t have to get it tailored for my stubby arms. Yay!




I recently signed up for RocksBox, which is basically Netflix for jewelry. It’s really stepping up my jewelry game! And it has allowed me to get more wear out of my favorite basics since the different pieces I get each month from RocksBox keep my plain pieces looking fresh and unique.


When you sign up for RocksBox, you answer a few questions about your style, the types of jewelry you like, etc. A stylist selects three pieces for you and sends them directly to your house. Wear them as much as you want, and at the end of the month send the pieces back. Or your card will be charged for individual pieces you’d like to keep.

If you’d like to try RocksBox, they’ve sent me a code which will give you the first month (three pieces of jewelry) for free! Just use: brokebutbougiexoxo at checkout!
Also, very serious about the petite pants thing. Help a sister out! 😀