A Tourist In My Own City

Our weeks are insanely busy these days. We certainly aren’t living for the weekend — we love our jobs and enjoy the work, but we do look forward to two days to unwind and explore our city (and get caught up on laundry, cleaning and errands).

A few weeks ago, our sweet neighbor Kristine invited Bart and me to accompany her and her pooch Micro to a nearby dog park. Then the snows came and our trip was delayed. This Saturday, we finally made it happen!


Kristine’s dog Micro. 

We had a great time chatting and watching our dogs run and play with other dogs. We live in a pretty large building with lots of different people and personalities; it’s nice to have a new friend just down the hall!




Saturday afternoon, Matt and I spent time wandering down towards the Mall, enjoying lunch at a Texas style BBQ joint, then moseying through the halls of the National Gallery of Art.



“Trumpty Dumpty sat on a wall…”






Our new neighborhood coffee shop. Delish! 
Matt always jokes that I look like a tourist when I bring my camera on our outings. The Mackinac Island hat definitely didn’t help matters on Saturday, but I really don’t mind the label! DC is the perfect city to be a tourist in, even if you live there!

DC Apartment Update

I can’t believe we’ve been in DC almost six months! When we first moved in, I filmed an empty apartment tour and now, as promised, I give you a tour with furniture! There are still a few projects here and there I want to do around the house — but who knows when I’ll get to those. In the mean time, here’s where I live:


Blizzard 2016

Well, we are well into our first snow storm since moving to the east coast! I was worried taking Bart out in this mess would be a disaster culminating in him refusing to relieve himself outside. He’s a California dog, right? Oh, heck no! This dog loves the snow. He did get mildly frustrated when he saw several black labs playing off leash in the street and wasn’t able to join them because the drifts were higher than him!




We already have a bit over a foot of snow in our area and it’s still coming down! We’ve hunkered down with a pantry full of carbs and several books we’ve been planning to read for months. Hope everyone is staying warm and having a great weekend!



Thanks to my intrepid husband for snapping these pictures! 


A Train To Budapest

After four wonderful days in Prague, we hopped on a train bound for Budapest. The ride was just over six hours long through parts of Slovakia as well as the Czech Republic and Hungary.


We arrived at the Hotel Boscolo just in time for a delicious dinner at the restaurant just off the opulent lobby.




The next morning, we explored the city starting with St. Stephen Cathedral and the Christmas markets in front of the cathedral.





Dad spotted this awesome bike on our walk.


A walk across the chain bridge.


On our way to meet some friends of my parents who happened to be in the city at the same time, we took a walk up the Danube River. It. Was. Freezing. But after we started walking, we didn’t even notice! The sun was shining, the scenery was breathtaking, and the company — the best.



That night (and the following night) we had a night cap at the hotel cigar bar. It’s actually not a cigar bar anymore but still a very cool ambiance.


On our last full day, we went up to the old part of the city — the Buda part of Budapest. This was my favorite part of the city. It’s also where the seat of government is as well as the national art gallery, where we were able to spend most of the afternoon.



After the gallery, we stopped for a visit in Matthias Church. The architecture and decoration were really unique. Every inch was painted with colorful filigree. I especially loved this corkscrew window and stained glass. That night my mom and I got the chance to experience a Budapest spa — something the city is well known for. I wasn’t able to take pictures but this was such a great way to end the trip. The women at the spa were so friendly, knowledgeable, and kind. My mom and I don’t really do that sort of thing often, but getting to do it together at the end of a once in a lifetime trip was perfect.