The Thrifted Quilted Sweater

Sometimes, it really doesn’t take much to dress up an otherwise plain and cheap looking outfit. In today’s look, this simple thrifted sweater would be nothing without the adorable quilted details on the front and sleeves. They make a $7 sweater look as if it cost at least $20. (At least I hope so!)


I wanted to keep the rest of the look casual and effortless by adding nude flats and my favorite Kate Spade bag. (Another way to dress up any look: a bold and structured handbag!)



Jeans: American Eagle | Flats: Chinese Laundry | Sweater: Goodwill | Bag: Kate Spade | Glasses: Shop Sosie


Who says thrifted pieces have to look cheap? Definitely not this lady.

A Confident Woman

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what it means to be a confident and successful woman. Every week the latest book or article about feminism, female confidence, and wage disparity makes its way through the Twitter-verse. These articles are typically in the context of women climbing some corporate or political ladder and weighted toward the idea that true feminism and success means surpassing our male counterparts in wage and status.

But is that what it is to be confident? Is that what it means to be a successful woman?

I really don’t think so.

Men and women are different. Men can focus on one thing at a time while women can multitask without a problem. Men want to immediately fix a problem while women want to ruminate and discuss all the options. Men and women love differently. Men and women think differently. And that’s a good thing.


Some women are called to work outside the home, climb corporate ladders, and break gender stereotypes. Some women are called to be stay-at-home moms. Many women fall somewhere in between. And that’s great! It’s beautiful! Not one of these roles is any less valuable than the others. The stay-at-home mom has every reason to be as confident as the woman CEO. Because we aren’t just women, we’re human.

Different doesn’t mean less than. It means different.

In closing I will leave you will this perfectly pointed quote from Dorothy Sayers:

“In reaction against the age-old slogan, ‘woman is the weaker vessel,’ or the still more offensive, ‘woman is a divine creature,’ we have, I think, allowed ourselves to drift into asserting that ‘a woman is as good as a man,’ without always pausing to think what exactly we mean by that. What, I feel, we ought to mean is something so obvious that it is apt to escape attention altogether, …that a woman is just as much an ordinary human being as a man, with the same individual preferences, and with just as much right to the tastes and preferences of an individual. What is repugnant to every human being is to be reckoned always as a member of a class and not as an individual person.”


5 Tricks for Healthy Skin

Keeping my skin healthy from my face to my feet seems like a twenty-four hour job sometimes. I’m lucky to live in a city where temperatures are moderate, but that doesn’t mean that my skin doesn’t get worn by the elements. Here are five must-haves I use to keep my skin feeling fresh and supple regardless of the season.

Organic Rosehip Oil: After washing my face at night, I generally apply toner, which in my case is simply witch hazel. But what keeps my face bright and moisturized is a small dime-size portion of rosehip oil that I spread over my face and décolletage.

Good ol’ H2O: You can always find me toting a bottle of water or a reusable cup everywhere I go. Even if I’m going to a friend’s house or a restaurant, I usually have a full one ready in the car just in case I didn’t drink enough wherever I was.

Multivitamin: After breakfast, it’s my routine to take a multivitamin to make sure my body and my skin have everything they need in the way of nutrients.


Organic Shea Butter: A big tub of this sits right outside my shower, ready for me to slather on. Shea butter provides a thick cream that is absorbed into my skin overnight and creates wonderfully soft and supple skin when I wake up. Extra goes on the bottoms of my feet, followed by a clean pair of socks.

30 spf Sunscreen: Being fair-skinned, I’m apt to burn easily, but everyone should want to prevent skin cancer and promote skin health instead of becoming a leathery statue. I always make sure my face, chest, ears, hands, and tops of my feet (if I’m wearing sandals that day) get a coat, as these are typically the exposed body parts.