I’ve spoken many times about my skin care struggles. Between having pale skin, the elements, and hormonal changes, finding a routine that can keep my skin clear has been a small battle.

Just like you can find inspiration from other people for fashion or makeup looks, I think you can pull inspiration from other women for your skincare regime as well. One such person that I look to for skin-spiration, is the hilarious and gifted actress Emma Stone. Like me, she is fair skinned and keeps her beauty regimen really simple.

The actress was quoted saying that she uses baking soda as her go-to exfoliant. Compared to many celebs who use products with price tags well into triple digits, this was refreshing!


If you haven’t tried using this cost effective little gem, baking soda granules can be used mixed with water as a mildly abrasive exfoliant. It strips away the dead skin on the top layer without any harsh chemicals that can damage the skin. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Emma also mentioned that she uses coconut oil for her hair masks. Not only have I tried this and loved it, coconut oil is also great as a cuticle oil as well as a facial moisturizer.

Now, this isn’t to say that I don’t splurge every now and then on a higher end mask or toner. I love supplementing my basic skin care routine with products like the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask to really clear out my pores a few times a week. But because the rest of my routine is pretty simple and cost effective, I can treat myself a few nights a week to a higher end treatment without completely blowing my monthly cosmetics budget.

Thank you, Emma, for providing broke but bougie girls like me cost effective skin-spiration! Check out more tips and tricks for glowing skin here!

Who do you look to for skin-spiration?


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The Pale Girls Quest For Sunscreen

When I was in first grade, I vividly remember my mom clipping a Neutrogena SPF 50+ sunscreen stick to my navy blue Catholic school uniform shorts every morning. “Put it on before you go outside for recess. Every time!” she’d say.

To a six-year-old girl, this was mortifying.

But as I’ve grown up and seen the effects of sun damage on others, as well as on my own skin, I’ve become quite the advocate for daily application of sunscreen regardless of whether or not you’re going to be spending several hours in the sun.

I’m always on the hunt for a high SPF sunscreen, but one that isn’t too greasy and allows for easy application of my BareMinerals Bare Skin Foundation.

I recently discovered this new natural sunscreen from Michael Todd and am loving it! I’m a big fan of any organic skin product. No harsh chemicals, please! This product has an herbal scent, is light, and doesn’t leave that white cast across my face after application.

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Stay bougie! And protect your skin!

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The Bi-Monthly Product Cleanse

Partly because I’m a blogger, and partly because I’m a sucker for trying new products and potions, I find that my medicine cabinets and bathroom drawers tend to fill up quickly with the latest night cream or hair mask.

I don’t like clutter.

I honestly find it difficult to function if my home is a cluttered mess. This hatred of clutter combined with my ever expanding collection of products, causes me to have (at least) a bi-monthly clutter cleansing party in my bathroom.

I start by asking myself, “Have I used this in the last week?” If the answer is no, and the product hasn’t expired, I will move it to my guest bathroom where it can be used by those who stay with us, or I will give it to a friend who can make better use of it. If the answer is yes, I will set it aside until I’ve sorted through the rest of the cabinet before putting it back in an organized manner.


A frequent cleanse helps me to see the products I actually use and (usually) stops me from making unnecessary or impulse buys. This process keeps a bit more dinero in my pocket and my bathroom cabinet looking like a bougie hotel, rather than that of a beauty product hoarder.



Toning It Up

If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know I’ve chronicled my skin care saga for about a year. My last year in college and the year following, I started breaking out like crazy. The breakouts were mostly around my chin and mouth and no matter the time of month or product I used, I couldn’t seem to get them under control.

A few months ago I ended up caving and trying Proactive+ (don’t worry, this isn’t sponsored) and after about six weeks, I was actually able to get things under control. I still have the occasional breakout, but the texture of my skin overall is much better and my breakouts aren’t nearly as deep or intense.

Because Proactive is rather pricey, I’ve been trying to ween my skin off it and find products that will keep my skin clear without breaking the bank.

I recently picked up Neutrogena’s Pore Refining Toner at my local drug store. I was hesitant to try it, as most other toners I’ve tried have really dried out my skin.

I’ve been using this product for about a week now and am really loving the results so far. I apply it morning and night after cleansing, with a small cotton round. Unlike other toners, this smells lovely and leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed, not tight or dry. Plus, it’s less than $8!

If you’re looking for something to even out your skin tone, keep redness and breakouts at bay, and tighten those pores, your search is over!