VIDEO: DIY Burnt Matchstick Art

Happy Wednesday,  y’all! This week, I’ve got another DIY for you.

When I first moved away from home, it seemed like every place I lived had beige carpets and beige walls. All I wanted to do was add color and texture to make my surroundings actually feel like a home. This DIY is extremely easy and will add both color and texture to those blank walls!



VIDEO: Five Things To Try This Fall

It’s our favorite time of year – FALL! Summer is over and it’s time to throw on an infinity scarf and boots. We thought we’d share five ways to change things up this fall. What are your plans to make this the best autumn yet?


VIDEO: DIY Decoupage Thrift Store Coffee Table

I’ve got a DIY for you this week! Now, I didn’t invent the idea to decoupage something. But I love putting a personal spin on the best DIYs! I found this coffee table at my local Salvation Army for $14 – can’t beat that!