Summer Home And Fashion Essentials

Summer is here! Although the temperature doesn’t shift much here in SoCal, I love taking the change in season as an opportunity to make little changes to my style and house. Just like scarves, garland and lights add festivity to Christmas, it can be just as fun to use specialized decor and details to deck out the summer months!

Today I’m sharing a few items that add a perfect splash of summer to your life. But wait! It gets better!

I created this list of items using What’s that? It’s a site that provides amazing coupons and cash back to some of my favorite stores! You can register at (totally free!). Before you start online shopping, check the site and activate your coupon codes. The site tracks your purchases then sends you a monthly rebate check for the cash back you earned through your purchases.

To get an idea of how it works for different retailers, check out these items that can help you and your home be ready for summer!


  1. Colorful table linen –  Summer means lots of BBQs and poolside entertaining! I’m all about paper plates when it comes to outdoor dining, but a great set of bright table linens adds color and glamour to the simplest of backyard BBQs. I found this set at World Market and if you shop through, you can get 15% off regular items and 4% cash back!

  2. Beverage Dispenser – It’s important to stay hydrated year round, but this can be especially difficult in the summer heat. I find that keeping a pretty dispenser filled with spa water makes staying hydrated a little more fun. It’s also great for entertaining! Pier 1 is offering 50% off clearance items, and you could also get 2% cash back on your purchases.

  3. Scents – I’m big on candles. While I like to go for warm amber and spicy sandalwood scents the rest of the year, I think a summer scented candle can totally transform any room in the house. Kohl’s is currently offering 15% off store wide, and you could also get 4% cash back.

  4. Beach Bag – It wouldn’t be summer without a few trips to the beach! Haul everything you need and look stylish doing it with a glamorous (and gigantic) tote bag! This one from Jonathan Adler can be found on Lord and Taylor, which is offering 50% off select handbags and 5% cash back.

  5. Espadrilles – A great pair of opened toed shoes goes with almost anything during the warm months. I love this textured pair from Tory Burch! I can see this going with everything from a swimsuit and cover up to a simple maxi dress. Nordstrom, through ShopAtHome is offering 60% off designer clearance as well as 3% cash back.

  6. Sun Protection – Whether you like getting a tan or not, SPF protection is so important! I usually don’t use anything less than SPF 50 and this one from Sun Bum smells great and is in an easy to use spray bottle. You can find this at, which offers 5% cash back!

  7. Water Bottles – Stay hydrated while you’re out and about in the heat. You can find bottles like this almost anywhere but if you go through for this one from Walmart, you get 6% cash back and free shipping if your order is over $50.

  8. Throws – No matter the season, I love having a few throw blankets around. They make a room look more finished and add pops of color to basic furniture. In the warmer months I like to layer soft knits in fun prints on my sofa. I found these at Macy’s, which offers 7% cash back!

Summer Shades

It’s no secret I’m a fan of a statement pair of sunglasses. Why go with a plain pair when you can snazz up any outfit with a set of bold frames?!


Sunglasses from Forever21 and Buffalo Exchange

With summer here and days spent out in the sun now upon us, I thought I would round up a few pairs I’ve spotted recently that are officially on my must-have list.


I love the rounded silhouette of these frames and, of course, the bold pattern. And for only $10? There’s no reason not to add these to my summer rotation.


There’s something about this peachy pair of shades that screams summer to me! This style looks great on almost any face shape and the color jazzes up the plainest of beach attire. Plus, I’ve loved everything I’ve ever purchased from Madewell.


The vintage silhouette and unique pattern makes this pair a total show stopper. I can see wearing these with a silk head scarf as I make my way to the park for a summer picnic!



If you’re looking for more of an investment pair of sunglasses, I highly suggest Warby Parker. This pair is from their new Downing Summer collection which has chic options for both men and women! It’s also a great company to buy from as a portion from the sale of every pair is given to charity.


But if you’re just looking for a cheap pair to toss in your bag as you head to the beach, you can’t go wrong with Forever21!

The First Weekend Of Summer

This weekend was full of good food, friends, and sunshine. What’s not to love?

We kicked things off on Friday evening with dinner at Karl Strauss Brewery. We were joined by several of our work friends, their spouses, and their babies. When craft beer and delicious appetizers are involved, you know I’m a happy lady.



I cook brussels sprouts at home a lot. But this app inspired me to step up my game! These roasted sprouts were topped with a bit of feta cheese and a balsamic glaze. They were a great compliment to my glass of Red Trolley Ale.


Saturday morning was slightly stressful. I had to get my blood drawn, but only a couple labs in San Diego were open. The first one I went to wasn’t open, even though the website said otherwise, so I had to drive to another location half an hour away. After an hour-long wait I got the blood drawn. Needless to say, I was a little fried after that. But a trip to the farmers market made it all better!


I love this shirt Matt recently got! Very “Don Draper at a resort” type of vibe.

After perusing the stalls we opted for some sandwiches and wraps for lunch. The Lip Smacking Eats stand also made a delicious tropical lemonade! It really made me feel like summer is here.


I love how different the stalls are at the market near our place. One man sells various pickled veg and tapanades that remind me so much of the vendors in Paris. Another woman, who happened to be from London, had an entire stand filled with cakes and pastries. I couldn’t resist a peach cobbler scone. I controlled myself to one but after enjoying it later, I really wished I’d nabbed at least three!



Overalls are from Forever21, My hat is from Banana Republic, My glasses were thrifted, My shoes are Birkenstocks and my jacket is from TJMaxx.

These overalls definitely make me look like a five year old. Who cares?! They’re comfortable and I love them.


I really like the different textures and styles of succulents. I know they say you can’t kill these but I definitely killed the last one I had — I’ll stick to just buying pastries.


Another weekend, another trip to the dog beach! This is quickly becoming quite the tradition. We ended up going later this trip than we have previously but were still able to find great parking.


My shorts and sweater are from TJMaxx and my glasses are from Forever21.



Bart tried to make friends with this little chihuahua mix but that dog definitely wasn’t into it. Bless his heart.


We rounded out the weekend with a quick clean of the apartment, grocery run, mass, and a nice meal at home. I hope you all had a great weekend! Here’s to a productive Monday.