Embracing Spring

I have to say, I’m a fall girl. I love warm cider, a good tartan scarf, and layered cardigans. There’s really only one day during the year here in San Diego when the weather permits for these things, but I can dream!

So this year I’m trying to embrace spring. Like fall, spring is a very short season here in SoCal, but while it lasts I’ll make the most of it! Spring blooms adorn my kitchen table, and I seem to be buying up all the blush pink shades of shoes and lip gloss I can get my hands on.


Though every season other than summer is very short where I live, there’s something about the brevity that makes me savor the cool breezes and a light trench coat a little bit more.

An Attempt At The Cropped Top

If there’s one trend I’ve been wary of, it’s the crop top. I’m not sure if it’s my body type or my inability find pants that sit high enough on the waist for me to feel comfortable in this particular garment. Whatever the reason, my perfectly covered belly button and I have stayed away. Far away.

But then, I remembered I have a pair of high waisted harem pants. And those things go with anything, right?

After scoring this modestly cropped top at Nordstrom Rack for a whopping $9, I decided to give the crop a whirl with my faithful pair of H&M harem pants.

This look is mad comfy and something I’d wear traveling or on a casual date. The top meets the pants just right and the high waisted pants make my legs look a bit longer and my waist a little bit smaller. What’s not to love?!

Pants: H&M | Top: Nordstrom Rack | Shoes: Chinese Laundry

Are there trends you’re afraid to try?


Pastels VS Brights

It seems that in the time it takes a fashionista to flip her hair, there’s a new color trend! Are neon colors in again this summer, or are they so last year? Is it black, white, or both that we’re supposed to wear in 2015? Are pastels on trend, or are they too reminiscent of adolescent Easter dresses?

We’re breaking down some of this year’s trendiest shoes, nails and clothing, pitting brights against pastels in a head-to-head battle to decide which we think is more chic. What color palette will be victorious — pastels, or brights?

Round One, SHOES.

In the first corner, we’ve got this year’s trendiest pointed toe pumps and sandals in pastel pink and robin egg blue. In the opposing corner, we’ve got equally trendy flats & pops of bright aqua and yellow.







Although both are versatile and add a pop of color to an outfit, we give this round to the pastels.

After being absent for a few seasons, pastel shoes are back and while they seem minimal, they pack quite a punch.  A pair of pastel shoes can add an unexpected finish to a black outfit, a fresh kick to denim, and the perfect amount of romance to an already pastel outfit. The best benefit? Lighter shoes give the appearance of a longer leg line!

Round Two, NAILS.

In the pastel corner, we’ve got a variety of mints, blues, pinks, purples, yellows and peach. In the brights corner, we’ve got a bold blue and classic bright red.







While we love the look of pastel nails, we have to give this round to the brights.

After all, we can’t think of a single fashionista who doesn’t look good in a classic red nail. What’s more, brights are an easier color to apply for those fashionistas who are DIY mani/pedi artists. Although pastels look stunning on Pinterest or in ads, what they don’t tell you is that it be can difficult to make these shades look that good in real life. Many pastels take several solid coats to keep from looking streaky, which means more room for error (bubbling, smudges, longer dry times, etc.).

Round Three, SHORTS.

As we steadily approach shorts season, which colors will prevail as the trendiest? We’ve got hot pink and green shorts as our first contenders, and lavender, baby blue, and peach as the challengers.







This round goes to the pastels. You can’t walk into a store or peruse online without being met by a barrage of cute pastel shorts this year! Even denim shorts are coming in a wide variety of lighter washes and pastel colors. They’re certainly on trend!

Round Four, HANDBAGS.

Introducing first, the brightest and trendiest bags in coral, yellow & cobalt blue.




The challengers? Mint and peach!



Another tough round, but this one also goes to the pastels. As we said in round one with shoes, pastel handbags are a fresh addition to any spring ensemble. Some pastels are even light enough to pose as a neutral, which means they’ll look stylish with both darker or lighter outfits. Furthermore, if we’re choosing pastel shoes in round one, we’ll certainly have to stick with a pastel handbag. Although shoes don’t have to match the bag, coordinating them so they stay in the same “color family” is usually a wise choice.

Final Round, SWIMSUITS.

We left the most difficult round for last: difficult because there are so many choices from this year’s bright AND pastel swimsuits! Let’s take a look at the contenders. In the brights corner we’ve got a tropical print, a stylish bohemian pattern, and a beautiful bright blue bikini. On the pastel side, we’ve got what looks to be a mix of various iced teas: mint, lemon, lavender, and a sherbet one-piece.







It could go either way but the victor of the last round is… pastels! The shopping is endless for pastel swimsuits this season, which makes it easy to buy a few to mix and match for new looks throughout the entire summer. Also, many of the pastels are more forgiving on the beach babes who haven’t developed their summer tans quite yet.

And so, it looks as though pastels aren’t just for Easter, having clearly won 4 out of 5 rounds in this matchup. Do you agree with us? Let us know which were your favorites in each round by leaving a comment below!

Goodwill Resort Attire

I know what you’re thinking. Resort attire from Goodwill? I know. I’m crazy. But when you find Ann Taylor shorts at Goodwill for $8, you can bet I will be wearing them all summer long.

This outfit feels like something I would wear on a beach vacation. The shorts are light and breezy and the top has a safari, travel vibe that complements the jungle print.

It may not be the most figure flattering look, but tucking in the top keeps me looking like a lady without sacrificing overall comfort.

Shorts: Ann Taylor (Thrifted) | Top: Converse | Shoes: Chinese Laundry | Bag: Kate Spade | Watch: Michael Kors