Uggs… Ugh!

Here in Southern California, it’s finally cold enough to wear boots!!!!!! Halle-friggin-lujah!!! This deserves that many exclamation points because I have been waiting since March for it to be cold enough to transition from flats everyday to boots every other day!

Now, when I say boots, I do not mean Wellingtons. I do not mean snow boots. But, most importantly, I do not mean Uggs. I mean leather, just below the knee, flat wedge boots. Classy, versatile, fabulous. But, let’s talk about Uggs for a minute.

This form of sheepskin and fleece footwear first broke out onto the scene in the 1980s in Southern California; it symbolized that relaxed SoCal lifestyle. In 2000 their fate as a cultural… thing was cemented when Oprah declared on her show how much she loved her pair of Uggs. Now, let me clarify. The company Uggs actually makes some pretty fashionable footwear. But I’m specifically talking about the Classic Ugg pictured above.

My feelings on the Ugg boot are that they are a glorified slipper which should not be worn in public. THEY ARE GIGANTIC WADS OF FLEECE AND FOAM! I have yet to see them worn in any way that could be considered fashionable or flattering. I have heard the argument that they make your feet seem so large that they have a slimming effect on the rest of your body. I think that is a lie.

Now, I’m totally with you when it comes to the comfiness of a good yoga pant and slipper. But that is for lounging around your house on a slow Saturday while you watch Masterchef re-runs and get caught up on laundry. (Yes, this is what I do on Saturdays. Jeez, get off my back.) Said outfit IS NOT for going shopping, going to the movies, going to dinner, GOING ANYWHERE.

Now, let’s talk about the price of a brand spanking new pair of Uggs for a minute. The pair pictured above will run you $135. THAT. IS. INSANE. Why would you pay that much money for a pair of puffed up marshmallows that go on your feet masquerading as footwear!?

I found a pair of gently used, leather, deep red, Steve Madden boots at Buffalo Exchange for $40 and they’ve lasted me two years now. Not only are they pretty comfy, I can wear them with leggings and a sweater, jeans, or a dress and jacket combo. They make any outfit look put together, not like I’m heading back to bed.

Women of the world, I just want to say: Do not give up! Be better than the Ugg boot. But if you’re a die hard Ugg-er, I want to hear it! I love a good debate.