Stay Thankful

At the start of November through Thanksgiving Day, the Levo League hosted a blog series entitled Giving Gratitude where Gen Y men and women shared what they were thankful for.

This was incredibly refreshing to come by. Giving thanks and recognizing all we have to be grateful for shouldn’t be a one-day celebration; it should last all year. Sure, Thanksgiving has its place, but how many of us recognize what we are thankful for besides when asked at Thanksgiving dinner?

I’m as guilty as the next person when it comes to this. In today’s world it’s easy to live our lives forgetting to recognize our daily blessings. Recently completing an undergraduate education, I’m especially thankful for the gift of higher education and the resources we have here to pursue it. I’m thankful for the experiences – good and bad – during those 3 years as they have shaped me into my post-grad self. I’m thankful for my college professors and friends who have equally helped me to grow.

At the bottom of one of the Giving Gratitude entries is the following quote: “Take the time to recognize who or what deserves your thanks each day.”

Who or what deserves your thanks?