Save That Sweater!

There must be a million moms rejoicing ever since Pinterest came along. The network is constantly overflowing with secret home remedies to better the lives of people everywhere. Like the average pinner, I have my fair share of tricks pinned on my ‘Clever’ board. One I found recently, though, will probably end up in my top 5 best kept secrets for the home.

Have an old sweater that you’ve been meaning to throw to the curb but just cannot seem to part with? It’s been plagued with those little, white fuzzies for a while and it’s almost not wearable; but grandma got it for you the Christmas before last and you love it. There is hope. All you need is a razor. Glide the thing over the sweater until every one of those white little balls is gone. It works. I’ve done it twice; both times I was extremely happy I came across that ‘pin.’

This is an excellent tip for college students or recent grads on a budget. Sweaters are expensive! And if you’re residing in the Midwest, you’re going to need a lot of them to endure the sub-zero temperatures. Fix up the old ones! They will be good as new.