8 Steps to Sassy Nails

So, listen. I’m not one of those people that is great at doing people’s nails. Ya know, I’m not even very good at doing my own nails. Whenever I find $20 in the laundry, I’ll march on down to the “Itty Bitty Pretty Nail Salon” and get my nails did. It’s just one of those things that makes you feel pretty. When I walk out of that place with heels as soft as a baby’s butt I wonder how I ever wore sandals before!

Unfortunately I do not have the time, nor the funds to get my nails done every other week. And what the heck did ladies do before every strip mall had one of those nail places?

Do not fear! I may have found something to keep my nails looking bougie without visiting the nail salon.

Here is a “vintage manicure”. It’s excerpted an old magazine editorial:

1. File nails into an almond, oval or long-tapered shape
2. Soak fingers in warm water
3. Push back cuticles and massage in cuticle oil
4. Remove excess oil with varnish remover
5. Paint on one coat of hardener (clear polish)
6. Once it dries, add French strips to the moons and tips of the nail
7. Paint two coats of your chosen color and add a topcoat of hardener for longevity
8. Dry completely and remove the strips

So, there you have it. Your grandma’s manicure! Go! Be beautiful!