Be A Light In The Darkness

The world can be a dark place. Whether it is dealing with loss, pain, or anything of the sort, we’ve all dealt with this sometimes-dark world.

Unfortunately, dealing with the dark world can become a reality when we enter the workforce. Depending on what route we take in our career paths, some of us may have more of a challenging time than others. If we decide to take the corporate route, we may be faced with situations that could potentially result in compromising our values, our principles, the very beliefs we stand for. The reality? No matter where we end up, we will deal with conflict, disagreement, and tension in the workplace at one time or another. Why? It’s simple. We’re human. In dealing with any situation, we all bring our opinions and perspectives that have been formed by our own experiences to the table.

Starting a new job can be exhausting. People in the workplace can get frustrated easily being under the stress of meeting deadlines. People get impatient. People can be cruel. Be a light. Smile often. Say ‘good morning.’ Ask how a co-worker’s day is going. Offer to grab lunch for a co-worker. When someone becomes frustrated and begins to vent to you about a co-worker, put a positive spin on it; help them to see the other side. Bring people up instead of tearing them down. Help to promote a healthy, positive workplace instead of fostering one of jealousy and impatience.

Of course, it’s easier said than done! If we keep this at the forefront of our minds, however when we enter a new working environment, we are more likely to remember to be the example we want to be.