4 Vibrant Trends To Get You Through The Winter Greys

It’s winter! Now, many people see this season as the time to bundle up in drab colors, puffed up outerwear, and wait til spring rolls around to do anything vibrant in the wardrobe department. Maybe it’s because I live in southern California but to that I say… no.

Here are 4 vibrant trends that will keep your wardrobe looking sunny through the winter blahs:

1. Pop Color Coat

When it’s cold out, obviously you need a coat. Why go for gloomy when that coat is the first thing people will see? You’ll be a ray of colorful sunshine wherever you go!


2. Vintage Rocker T’s

Remember that blazer we talked about getting? Try a rock and roll graphic T underneath it. Edgy, funky and hipster in all the right ways.


3. Fruit Colored Bag

Who doesn’t need a pick me up? Especially during a time when there’s less and less sunlight. Try a bright orange, yellow, or red bag!


4. Big Print Shoes

Who doesn’t love a good tribal print? Well, even if you don’t love that particular one, shoes with printed patterns are a great way to spice up a sleek and sophisticated look and be on trend at the same time!