Reinvent Your Closet

There comes a point in every lady’s life where we look at our closets and simply think none of this will do. Then, we immediately start thinking about how big our budgets are for our next shopping spree at Target. There is hope! There are little things we can do to prevent us from running out to replenish our wardrobe at the first glance of distaste.

We human beings like seasons. We like change. Every so often we need a little spice in our lives, so we rearrange our rooms or re-decorate our apartments. I propose if we rearrange, reorganize, and re-decorate our closets we wouldn’t want to flee from them. Just as we like to spend more time in our newly decorated and rearranged rooms, we will enjoy picking out outfits after we spruce up our space.

This can be especially refreshing if you have a spacious walk-in closet. For the post-grad ladies who are sporting a one-bedroom apartment there is still hope.

1. Color-coding is a great way to start; it’s an easy way to change things up especially if your closet is small. There is something about a color-coded closet. It looks grown up, professional, and it looks like you know a thing or two about fashion. And that never hurts.

2. Compartments – Ikea has many crafty tools that can be used for a project such at this one. An excellent one to splurge on is the Komplement Multi-Use Hanger. It holds scarves, belts, etc. It’s a nice way to keep all scarves and wraps together instead of draping them over anything in your room that will hold them. This also helps to keep your accessories in sight so you don’t forget about them stored away in a drawer.

3. Mix-up the shoes! If you are currently keeping your shoes organized on shelving space in your closet, it is time to rearrange. Put the flats with the flats and heels with the heels. If you’re anything like me, you’ll leave a spot for your boots, but it will be left empty nine times out of ten, as your boots will end up scattered about your room. Leave a space anyway.

4. Get crafty. A big thing right now is to have inspiration boards hanging in your closet. Try it out. If, again, your closet is the size of a hole, hang the board on the inside of the door. Be creative.

There it is. A simple 4 ways to reinvent your closet. There’s nothing worse than going to pick out an outfit and being completely turned off. Remember to change it up frequently and keep it fresh. You’ll be so happy; you’ll start picking out outfits the night before.