5 Holiday Recipes With A Twist

We’re all familiar with the traditional holiday recipes — the sweet potatoes and stuffing, cranberries and turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. These classics have made Christmas dinner one of the most anticipated meals of the year that has us coming back for seconds (and thirds).

But what if you wanted to take these traditional dishes to the next level, carrying them to soaring heights of culinary delight? Here are five easy recipes that will take your holiday meal from normal to bougie.

Red Wine Cranberry Sauce

Your basic cranberry sauce made magical by the simple addition of red wine and a touch of cinnamon and citrus.

Recipe: Alexandra Cooks 

Maple Butter Sweet Potatoes

The hints of maple goodness take this dish from ordinary to out of this world extraordinary. I made these for Thanksgiving and could not stop enjoying it. I told my boo that if I could marry these sweet potatoes I probably would.

Recipe: She Knows

Brown Butter Green Beans

Say goodbye to green bean casserole. This super easy recipe makes seemingly boring beans glam with butter, pine nuts and a hint of garlic.

Recipe: Food Network

Chiffon Pumpkin Pie

Gingersnap crust and a rum laced filling that’s as smooth and light as silk chiffon. Need I say more?

Recipe: Simply Recipes

Spiced Bourbon Apple Pie

There is only one thing that could possibly make apple pie any more comforting and delicious—the rich flavor of bourbon. This special addition accentuates and draws out the flavors of caramel and vanilla.

Recipe: A Beautiful Mess