Share Your Tradition

After being in school for what felt like a lifetime, I’ve met countless people all who come from various backgrounds, all who celebrate various traditions.

Families form their own ways of recognizing the holidays and as a result we hear a number of traditions that are celebrated throughout the country. I haven’t heard more ways to celebrate any other holiday or day of the year than Christmas Eve. From eating pizza in pajamas over movie marathons to having tacos and opening only one present, each family makes the day their own.

Growing up, Christmas Eve was all about quality time with grandma and grandpa. My grandparents would come over for dinner and spend the evening with us until it was time to head off to midnight Mass.

Christmas Eve is my absolute favorite day of the year. The snow, the twinkly lights, the music, family, the nostalgia, and anticipation for Christmas morning capture my heart every year. It’s a day full of closeness and overjoyed hearts; a day of giving and sharing. And a day of pausing. Thanksgiving has come and gone, but it’s not quite time to start the massive, chaotic clean-up after Christmas. The gifts are bought and wrapped (if you’re not the procrastinating type), the tree is set up, the house is decorated. It seems like it is the one-day that isn’t full of schedules and to-do lists and the day we can breathe before the next whirlwind.

How do you spend the day before Christmas; What makes your Christmas Eve special? Share your tradition. Share your story.