5 Ways To Rid Yourself Of The Winter Blues

As much as I love the cute scarves, long pea coats, and sweater tights I must admit, I grow tired of winter. Sunlight slips away faster and the evenings creep up on us sooner. The negative temperatures encourage us to bundle up and stay in bed. Finally content under our many layers, we justify avoiding our normal workout routines.

It’s important to live a healthy lifestyle year round, but I’d argue it’s that much more important come January. Here are 5 tips to help combat the effects of winter:

Have a balanced, healthy diet full of grains, fruits, and vegetables. I realize during the winter all we want to eat is bacon and pecan pie, but we simply cannot indulge like that. Bananas, apples, and oranges are great fruits for winter as they boost your energy.

2) Read that book you’ve wanted to read. It’s easy to lounge and watch Hulu for hours when you feel like you’re in the Arctic, but keeping your brain stimulated will help you to keep focused and on track during the winter months. Reading will help to keep your mind clear, and it will help you to relax in a productive way. [I highly recommend Tina Fey’s, Bossypants.]

3) Have a routine. Sticking to a routine can be challenging, but they are incredibly beneficial. They keep you on track and prevent you from becoming sluggish. The most important part of a routine? Set your alarm and wake up when it rings!

4) Get a Happy Light. These things are incredibly weird, but they work. Described as “light therapy” happy lights help to alleviate all symptoms linked to winter; they increase energy; they better moods.

5) Keep a workout routine! There is no better way to liven us up than to exercise regularly. The more we workout, the more energy we will have. Our minds will be clearer and we’ll perform better at work. This is the single best tool to use in feeling your best during winter.