I Don’t Want To See Your Underwear

Okay, listen ladies. Stop it. I do not want to see your panties, thong straps, or particularly any variation of visible panty line (VPL).

VPL is a HUGE fashion no-no. Actually, no, it’s more than a fashion no no. It is a life no no. VPL happens when the outline of your underwear is visible through your clothes because the clothing you’re wearing is either too thin, see-through or your underwear is too thick or too small.

Fit – Just because it’s cute and itsy bitsy does not mean it will be invisible under those new skinnies or your favorite pencil skirt. In fact, the VPL action will most likely be WORSE because those itsy bitsy silky thangs are too small and are squeezings your cheeks in ways they should not be squeezed. If you opt for full butt underwear, make sure it fits like full butt underwear is supposed to fit (ie. covering your full butt without squeezing/ cutting into your cheeks or bunching). And if you’re wearing them with form fitting jeans or a soft material skirt, wear some that have a seamless trim or lace finish. If you go with a thong, make sure that fits properly too. Those things are not one size fits all.

Color – Remember those white jeans we talked about? How you should invest in a pair because they are versatile and look fantastic on you! Great! Glad you got a pair. But you know what NEVER works with white jeans or any light colored pant? Red, black, blue, fuchsia, purple, bright pink, bright green or bright any color under garments! You may think those pants aren’t see through but, throw on a pair of bright or bedazzled under thangs and you may be singing a different tune. There are cute white and nude shades for panties I promise.

When In Doubt – Before you walk out of the house, do a VPL check. Look in the mirror! Ask your roommate! Asking is a whole lot better than people checking out the junk in your trunk all day for very wrong reasons.

Have any tricks for getting rid of VPL? A brand that covers without bunching or pinching? Let me know!