Accept Your Weird Parts

Hi, I’m Bridget, and I’m painfully pale. My boo says I’m “Nicole Kidman porcelain.” And that’s why I married him. But there comes a moment when you look in the mirror and you say, wow, I’m so, so, pale.

It doesn’t have so much to do with the fact that I religiously wear sunscreen. It has more to do with genetics and the fact that when I get sunburned, there is no sun kissed glow to look forward too. Only pain, peeling and more… porcelain a week later. But no need for sympathy! I’ve come to accept my pasty complexion and the occasional gnarly sunburn. But, I will say acceptance did not come easily. Like any body part insecurity, it takes time and getting through a little bit (maybe a lot) of teasing to be able to accept what God gave you.

So, I told you ONE of my insecurities (I’ve got 19 more if you wanna hear), now you tell me yours. What makes you unique? What’s that one body part that you wish you could change? Have you accepted it yet?