4 Reasons To Eat Breakfast

You’ve heard it from your mom, your best friend, and probably your doctor too: “Don’t skip breakfast!” But between the stress of establishing your career, trying to drop a few lb’s, and trying to get in a few kicks, breakfast often becomes a last priority as you rush out the door in the morning.

Besides, let’s be honest, most of your at-home breakfast foods don’t really say “eat me”. Cold sugary cereals, or greasy eggs and sausage—is your mouth watering? While more enticing breakfast options might be out there (cinnamon rolls  anyone?) they often leave you high, dry and another-pound-oh-my in the health department.

There are plenty of medical reasons for opting out of morning mealtime but the hidden effects on your lifestyle and health can be surprising:

1. Weight: Skipping breakfast means that you’ll end up eating more than usual later in the day as your body tries to overcompensate for lost calories. Also denying your body its morning fuel tricks it into entering starvation mode which leads to blood sugar imbalance and insulin irregularities.  And of course eating breakfast means your energy levels are higher so you’re able to move around more.

2. Hormones:  Do you have a bad period? Skipping breakfast has been known to contribute to painful periods and irregular bleeding.

3. Memory/ Cognition: Not having breakfast means not having brain fuel. It’s hard to be as sharp as a tack when you’re body is working hard to conserve energy.

4. Mood: Having a bad case of the mornings isn’t necessarily just a lack of sleep. Skipping breakfast contributes to low blood sugar. (Aka you become Miss Crabby Pants.)

So, that’s interesting. But I’ll admit it, I rarely eat breakfast. I usually just have a cup of coffee and hold out for lunch. When I do eat breakfast, it’s maybe a nectarine as I run out the door or donuts that someone kindly brought in to work.

But, for the next week, I’m going to eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast! I’m going to track the benefits and I’d love if you did it with me! Let me know if  you notice a difference in your mood? Weight? Sleep pattern? Let me know and I’ll do the same!