Big Girl Purchase

Two nights ago I made a big girl purchase. By that, I mean I made a purchase that I’d been contemplating for more than thirty minutes and cost more than $50. I’m still shaking.

What did I get? Well, first let me explain my list of big girl purchases. As you may know, I am not currently rolling in “the benjamins”. I have a list of items that I have to save for in order to buy. Things I can’t just show up and drop a load of cash for if I want to eat or put gas in my car. On this list are several staple clothing items that I want quality over a fast fashion fix. (I’m planning to post the list of staples I think every bougie lady should have in her closet soon!)

One of the items that was previously on the list was a pair of real leather, knee high, brown boots. Now, I had a pair that lasted me about a year. BUT, they only cost me $40 and were DEFINITELY not real leather. They looked great but I wasn’t all that surprised when the sole started to peel off a few weeks ago.

As I’ve previously posted, a pair of brown boots will go with just about anything and take any outfit from boring to bougie (if it’s the right season for boots, of course). So two nights ago, I scoured the interweb looking for some genuine leather boots for around $100. Because it’s almost February, many retailers are putting their winter inventory on sale. I found the exact pair I was looking for marked down from $150 to $128. Yes, that is $28 more than I was planning to spend so I pondered the purchase for at least an hour.

But, listen. If a pair of $40 boots only lasts a year, buying the same pair every year would be a waste of money considering a pair of quality boots should last three times as long. I’m no calculus teacher but I’d say I made a good purchase! No buyers remorse. Just an investment piece purchased and a big girl buy crossed off my list.

Here’s the pair I got!

Intyce by Steve Madden