6 Tips For Gorgeous Eyes Everyday

They say “Eyes are the windows to the soul…” so shouldn’t these gems reflect your beautiful, Bougie soul? Unfortunately, Mother Nature and our occasional bad habits are at odds when we might need a little help to keep those “windows” squeaky clean. Here are 6 remedies for early mornings or late nights when your eyes and the surrounding area may not be quite up to par. 

1. Breakouts:

If you see white, try a warm compress or hot steamy water to open up the pore. Then use a disinfecting astringent like Witch hazel with a drop of cooling essential oil like Peppermint, Eucalyptus or Tea Tree. Be sure to test a small amount of oil on your wrist for allergies before. And remember, a little bit goes a long way! If you see red, ice the area and apply redness-reducing eye drops, available at the $1 store.

2. Dark Circles:

Before you rush to the cosmetics, be sure that your circles aren’t from allergies or makeup residue from the night before. If you still need some help, try a stick formation concealer which has a more concentrated pigment, and choose 1 shade LIGHTER than your normal foundation or cover-up shade. This helps catch the light and reflect it upwards, reducing or even eliminating the “raccoon” look.

3. Puffy Eyes:

Out too late and up too early? Caught off guard by a good film trailer that started the waterworks? Been cutting onions lately? To calm those plump blood vessels, place a pack of frozen vegis around your eyes and finish off with cucumber slices or a dab of Preparation-H. Also, a peppermint salve will help cool the skin and give your senses a lift.

4. Windburn:

Whether you’ve been hitting the slopes recently or are recovering from sunburn, rub on your favorite moisturizer mixed with 1% hydrocortisone cream to sooth that chapped skin.

5. Rash:

If a rash creeps up, bring out the Aloe Vera gel, or better yet invest in the succulent plant available at most garden nurseries. Snap off a spike and rub the irritated area liberally with the slimy gel for instant cooling, natural, and antibacterial relief.

6. Ingrown Hairs:

I have been blessed with an assortment of ingrown hairs throughout my short lifetime due to vigorous genetics and stubborn pores. The cure, in my experience, has been to clean your tweezers, slip the ends under the looped hair and pluck out the hair in the direction it’s growing. Once it’s out, sterilize the exposed follicle, wiping clean with an antibacterial ointment or witch hazel.

So there you have it, 6 easy steps to make those big, bold, beautiful eyes shine their brightest. Next step: polish up that soul so it’s worth looking into!