5 Ways To Wear A Poofy Skirt

If you’re not a girly girl, the title of this post may be a bit of a turn-off for you. I’ll be the first one to say that I’m not a super girly girl. But stay with me! There’s a huge difference between being feminine and being a girly girl. Every woman likes to feel pretty. It’s in our nature ladies. Maybe we feel pretty at different times, in different situations, and wearing different things. But you love feeling pretty. Don’t lie. 

Maybe wearing a poofy skirt is completely out of your comfort zone. Who cares! Break that mold you’ve made for yourself. Dress up! Look pretty!

Here are a few ways to wear a poofy skirt:


1. Floral and Fitted

If you opt for a floral skirt, try a fitted and simple jacket or blazer on top. The floral is feminine and fun but the blazer keeps it sophisticated.



SheInside Floral Skirt 

Top Shop Black Blazer 

Top Shop Teal Tank Top

Nude Wedge


2. Black

Try pairing your poofy skirt with an all black base. The black is slimming, timeless, and will give your fun skirt center stage.



Chic Wish Pink Skirt

Black Tights 

Dorothy Perkins Black Long Sleeve T


3. Nerdy Color Blocking

Got that nerdy vibe? Try color blocking a bold skirt with a complementary color on top. Pair it with some oxfords and a button up and your nerdy chic look is complete.



ChicNova Blue Skirt

Mango Orange Cardigan

Modcloth Oxford



4. Preppy and Simple

If you like prints, opt for a simple and fitted top. Got a fresh white T? Throw that on with some statement jewelry and you are good to go.



Navy Striped Skirt


White T


Modcloth Flats



5. Poofy Edge

All that too girly for you? Well try a black skirt with a T shirt. Through in a splash of color with a belt or some personal accessories.



Black Skirt 


Top Shop T Shirt  

Red Belt 


Wedge Bootie