7 Things You Don’t Want To Forget In An Interview

That Murphy was a smart man. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong and that goes for interviews just as much as it does first dates. You have finally landed an interview at that luxury PR firm you’ve been following since freshman year in college. You’ve splurged on a nice new blouse and spent the night before preparing potential answers and questions for your interview. You are beyond prepared.

The problem is that once you started strutting to the front door you hear that tell-tale sounds of a seam ripping! For a moment you stop, a panic starts rising in your chest as you cautiously look down to find a three inch opening at your crotch! What do you do? Call from your car to reschedule? Absolutely not, never a possibility! Hope no one notices? Good luck.

You may think that never would happen to you (and I really hope it doesn’t), however there is a plethora of wardrobe malfunctions that could plague you on your way to an interview. Rather than panic or throw out the opportunity for a successful interview, here are 7 things you don’t want to forget in an interview –  items that can do damage control and repair your wounded confidence.

What you will need:

1. 3 safety pins: If three safety pins don’t take care of the rip in your pants or skirt then you probably didn’t wear appropriate clothing to begin with.

2. Clear nail polish:
I know the idea of wearing panty hose to your interview probably conjured up bad memories of you wearing itchy tights as a flower girl in your aunt’s wedding a million years ago, but remember – you also chose to wear a skirt to your interview, and now you have the start of a run in your hose. Take a bit of clear nail polish at both ends of the run to keep it from spreading.

3. Hairspray: A small can of hairspray to get all those flyaways out of sight and can also be used for panty hose runs (but can be a bit sticky).

4. 3 bobby pins: Because sometimes the hairspray isn’t strong enough!

5. Blotting papers: Being nervous is completely understandable. Use powder-less blotting papers like Clean & Clear’s oil-absorbing sheets to clear up any extra perspiration on your face and palms. Nothing is a bigger turnoff than a sweaty handshake!

6. Nail file and super glue: Repair your broken nail in a pinch.

7. Travel size make-up bag: You want a designated bag to keep all of your emergency tools in and always have handy in your car!

Just a few items can be huge lifesavers as you make your way to meet human resources. I also highly recommend freshly brushing your teeth before getting dressed and always bringing your resume in triplicate!