Caffeine Will Mess You Up

It’s Lent! For those that do not know, Lent is the forty days preceding Easter when Catholics, and many Christian denominations, give up luxuries, pray, and fast in order to prepare themselves for the celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

This year, I had the stellar idea to give up energy drinks, pop, and coffee for forty days. Guys, listen, I’m a pretty small person. But in a normal work day I probably drink enough caffeine to tranquilize a small horse. Red bull? Yes. Two cups of coffee? Obviously. I know, I know. “That’s so bad for you!” Well, it had become a habit and I hate headaches. So, bring on that Mountain Dew!

Because it had become quite the unhealthy daily fix, I figured it would be the perfect thing to give up this lent. Day one of operation detox was on Tuesday. Tuesday night, I. Wanted. To. Die. I had the gnarliest headache that was radiating in my kneecaps. I was hot one second and nauseous the next. That whole “caffeine is a drug” thing? Yeah, totally get why that’s a thing now.

Today, I’m three days in and I have to say, I’m feeling pretty good! I replaced coffee in the morning with juice or POM pomegranate tea and my Red Bull in the afternoon with tea and a bottle of water. Because I’m not highly caffeinated I’ve been going to bed earlier than I normally do and I’m able to sleep much sounder.

True, I do feel like EVERYONE is drinking coffee or slurping a soda now except me. But I also feel pretty great! I’ll keep you posted if this keeps up. But if you hear about a lady jumping over the counter and demanding double shots from an unsuspecting barista. It was me. So me.