Inspired By The Oscars: Lincoln

The Oscars are this Sunday! Here is the last look in BBB’s Inspired By The Oscars series.

Directed by the iconic, Stephen Spielberg, Lincoln is based in part on Doris Kearn Goodwin’s biography of Lincoln, and covers the final four months of Lincoln’s life, focusing on the President’s efforts in January 1865 to have the Thirteenth Amendment passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

I had mixed feelings about the film itself. But, with insanely gifted actors like Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field, there’s only so many negatives I can give this movie.

The tortured Mary Todd-Lincoln is played by the beautiful (and doppelgänger of my Mom!) Sally Field. Here’s a look inspired by Mrs. Lincoln to get you stoked for Sunday!




Skirt ($17) / Top ($21) / Necklace ($32) / Handbag ($27)