H&M Hits the Red Carpet

And the Oscar goes to…
It’s the day after the Oscars, folks and dust is settling among the biggest fashion critics as they reveal who they think rocked the biggest, brightest, and best gowns at the 85th Academy Awards.

There was the ravishing Jessica Chastain in her fitted, gold Armani; Sally Fields looked stunning in her scarlet Valentino; and of course, we were in awe of Jennifer Lawrence’s white Dior [and charming recovery].

An unexpected designer was spotted on the red carpet last night, however.  Best supporting actress nominee, Helen Hunt rocked a custom, fitted navy blue dress designed by one of our fave’s H&M.  Describing her decision to sport the dress onthe red carpet as a “win-win-win,” she explained to Ryan Seacrest she chose the dress because it was simply the most beautiful one she tried on.  Also a fan of Global Green, Hunt was excited to support H&M’s efforts in going green.

Don’t get too excited just yet ladies, the dress isn’t going be for sale.  Though, H&M will be selling dresses in a “similar style” beginning on April 4th.

It’s been reported that Helen Hunt already owned the dress!  Giving a hint at the Independent Spirit Awards on Saturday, Hunt said, “I don’t know what I’m wearing, but I own it.  It’s just my clothes.”  Even the Hollywood elite are looking to their already established wardrobes for something to wear to the biggest night in fashion!

Thank you, dear Helen for inspiring us.  Next time you’re prepping and planning for a big event, take a second look in your closet; you might be surprised at what you find!

What were some of your favorite looks and moments from the biggest night in entertainment?