5 Ways To Add Some Edge To Floral Prints

When I say floral print, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Up until very recently, I would have said, “My Easter dress from 1995.” Or “Romantic gowns worn by rich ladies in the Upper East somewhere.” Regardless of what comes to mind, there’s no denying that floral is everywhere.  Spring is just around the corner so ditch your any ideas you had that floral is only for girly girls and babies in tights. Here are 5 ways to wear floral.





1. Floral and Leather

Found a pretty floral top but looking for a way to add some edge? Try a pair of leather pants and/or a blazer in a complementing color. Structure on top, sleek sophistication on the bottom.



Pants $40 / Top $40 / Blazer $32 / Booties $30 / Bag $40 


2. Dress and Booties

Find a floral dress that hugs you in all the right places. Then throw on a fitted, dark jacket and some matching booties. The floral dress is feminine but the booties are your wink to something a little edgier.



Dress $48 / Jacket $55 / Booties $32

3. Weekend

I saw this pair of floral skinnies at Target last week and couldn’t help but think how versatile they’d be. For some weekend floral action, try a screen T or tank and some booties.




Pants $25 / Top $15 / Booties $40 / Ring $20 / Bag $36 

4. Little Black Dress

Looking to add some floral to your little black dress? Try some leggings! Even if it’s chilly, you’ll bring a breath of spring air to any date, dinner or outing.



Dress $28 / Floral Tights $16 / Shoes $33 / Necklace $30


5. Sleek in a Skirt

If you’ve got a floral skirt, try pairing it with all black. A knee high boot and a simple black long sleeve T will keep it refined and let the floral skirt to all the talking.


Skirt $28 / Top $14 / Boots $30 / Bag $32