OMG You’re Engaged!

You have finally found the lucky guy. You experienced your Hallmark moment, the climax of every romantic comedy, every Disney princess ending. You’re engaged, so now what?

After you called Mom and you have a moment to breathe, you probably experience a slew of emotions ranging from holy crap to is this really happening to all the in the between of tears, joy and excitement.

I’ve been engaged for a little over a year, and I must say planning a wedding is an emotional roller coaster. One day I’m staring at poster board, markers, and little post-its beyond elated and ready to tackle a seating chart. The next day I’m wondering how I didn’t know so many flowers existed. Two days later I’m weeping over the fact that I like the yellow and grey color combo

AND the blush and neutrals color palette. But then. I get a call informing me my wedding dress has come in, and I ­ for a moment ­ relive the morning I found the one with my best friend and maid of honor.

This is the most exciting time of your life, no doubt; but with change and deadlines come stress. Nearing my final stretch of our planning, I’ve learned a few things. This is the first post out of series to help you get from the yes to the I do to the honeymoon in the most cost­effective, stress­free way possible. First, some things to remember:

You’re preparing for a marriage, not a wedding. With numbers, colors, and questions galore it can sometimes be easy to get caught up in the wedding part. It can put stress on your relationship with your family and with your soon­to­be husband. At the end of the day, always remember it’s about you and him and your future life together; and if the centerpieces are a disaster, it’s okay.

It’s your’s and your guy’s day. The day you inform the world of your engagement, you’ll immediately be asked a number of questions, most of which you won’t know the answers to yet. Because your loved ones just care about you so much, they will give you tips and opinions of what they think you should do for various aspects of the wedding. This can be more than helpful, but don’t feel pressured to appease everyone around you. My future sister and brother­ in­law are constantly reminding Tim and me of this, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that.

People want to help you.
This is an exciting time for your friends and family as well. They will more than likely want to be a part of the planning process. So let them. Don’t feel bad asking for help. They love and care about you and want you to have your fairytale ending.

I did some research and compiled some resources that have helped me, as well as resources that my bff [who worked with a wedding planner] recommended:

The Wedding Planner & Organizer by Mindy Weiss  For all you old schoolers out there who work better on paper [like myself], I highly recommend this beauty. It pretty much saved my life. I mostly appreciated the month­to­month breakdown of deadlines.

Weddingbee: Great resource for interacting with brides, bouncing ideas off each other, asking questions, and getting ideas!

TheKnot/MyWedding: Sign up for an account and have access to free budgeting and planning resources to keep you organized.

HoneyFund: Create a registry for your dream honeymoon.

Wedding planners: If you choose to go the wedding planner route, a great way to gauge whether they will be a good fit is to check out their blog. Something to note is wedding planners are flexible and are willing to negotiate; they can be day­of coordinators, or budget keepers.

Pinterest: This has become the obvious, but some great pinners to follow are Southern Weddings Magazine, Ruche, BHLDN, Weddings from the Heart, Etsy Bridal, and Green Wedding Shoes.

Want to help a future bride out? Share your fave resources and advice!

* Kriztia Vela is something of a wedding blog connoisseur and has helped me emotionally and practically in my wedding planning process. For this reason and many more, she will be one the beloved ladies who helps me make it to my ‘I do.’ A big thank you to her for helping me put together these resources!