Resumes Out, Twitter Interviews In?

So word on the street is you can get hired based on how well you can write a Tweet, that the old­-school resume on paper is the tool of yesteryear, and proving yourself in 140 characters is the way to go.

If you google ‘Twitter interviews’, you’ll see an abundance of articles: ‘Twitter Interviews Are Now a Thing, Or Another Reason Life Is Meaningless’, ‘Tweeterview,’ ‘Why You Should Use Twitter to Conduct Interviews,’ etc., etc. And if you read through these articles, you’ll see there are mixed feelings about these revolutionary, so­called ‘tweeterviews.

What does this mean for us? It means we probably should get a Twitter account, and we should probably learn how to craft a good tweet. It also means we shouldn’t ditch our resumes we created in our college career classes just yet.

Since this is a new concept hitting the job­-searching scene, some employers have adopted this practice, and some people have been hired based on their tweeting capabilities. However, it isn’t universally accepted. So get good at both ­ go home and tweak and polish your ‘old­-fashioned’ resume, and become the best tweeter an employer could ask for.

Then, you’ll be ahead of the game.