5 Ways To Give Back At Your Wedding

The day after your wedding you are going to have more food and flowers than you will know what to do with. What is one to do with a million extra tulips and enough lemon bars to feed a small herd? Donate them!

Here are a few ways to give back at your wedding:

1. Donate the flowers:
Why not brighten some old folks’ day if presented with the opportunity? If you and your hubby are already Hawaii­bound have one of your loved ones take all the flowers to a nursing home. Tim’s grandpa lives in a retirement home, so we’re going to give our flowers to him to hand out to the workers and the people who reside there.

2. Donate the food: If you have food from a buffet leftover or many desserts that were left uneaten, find a local soup kitchen to take the food to.

3. Give guests the option to donate to your favorite charity instead of bringing gifts. If you’ve lived on your own for a decent amount of time prior to getting married, you may find that you already have many items a couple would typically register for. This is a generous way to give back on the happiest day of your life.

4. Donate your dress: There is a hidden gem tucked away in Southeastern Michigan; it’s called The Brides Project.  They have a little boutique where they sell donated wedding dresses. The proceeds go to the Cancer Support Community of Greater Ann Arbor.  They accept dresses from all over the US and sell these dresses to women who are looking for a budget-friendly dress and a good cause to support. For more information on The Brides Project check out their website or Facebook page.

5. Sport Sseko: Let me tell you about Sseko designs.  Sseko Designs is a shoes and accessories company based in Uganda. Local women hand craft their sandals and accessories and all the money these women earn goes to fund their college education. Their designs are quite stunning and better yet, they have a wedding line! If you’re having a late Spring or Summer wedding your bridesmaids can wear them down the aisle. And if you’re having a more casual wedding the bride can wear them as well! These could also make great gifts for your ladies.  Include a little card detailing out the story of Sseko and the ladies who put their craft and talent into making them.  Check them out at their website! 

Have you attended a wedding where they gave back in a creative way? I’m still lookin’ for ideas and would appreciate your help, ladies!