Unique Jobs

Are you having trouble supplementing your income? Are you bored with an office job? Are the kids starting to get under your skin in the classroom? Or do you want the security of your current job with something off-the-wall too? Check out these unique jobs that offer a chance to expand your comfort zone and help you grow as a woman.

  • SP – Standardized patient. Basically, you are a fake patient for medical students. It is an acting job in which the “patient” simulates the designated symptoms for an illness or disease, and a mock doctor’s visit is conducted. Some exams may be conducted with a gown and basic underwear, so you do need to be comfortable with your body for the sake of education, but most of the student doctors are very professional. In fact, they are usually extremely nervous. The hardest part of this job is acting like a patient but thinking like an SP. About two weeks before the case presents, you receive the complaint, medical history, and personal history for your “person.” During the encounter, you simulate the required pain, but also keep track of what the students are asking. You see, in the case facts you will also receive a checklist of what the student doctors need to complete in their exam. Depending on the SP program, you may or may not be required to give feedback to the students and/or grade them on the performance. Short-term memory, improvisation, and strong concentration are the skills most utilized in this line of work. The pay is well worth the time, either hourly between $15-25, or in generous lump sum. Check out UCSD, UCLA, or Pomona’s Western University of Health Sciences for prestigious Southern California SP programs.

  • Ghost Writer – Let’s say someone has an idea for a novel but doesn’t want to write the novel, per se. “Where they gonna turn? Ghost-writers!” Sorry, cheesy in the extreme, but I couldn’t resist. Seriously, ghost writing is a great profession if you don’t mind anonymous writing. True, the “author” won’t be you by name, but it is a great way to earn some money and have the personal knowledge that you have had published several substantial works of the written word. A simple search on Craigslist, Elance, and other writing meccas will lead you to some profitable opportunities.

  • Cooking School Aid – One summer I spent as a camp counselor, of sorts, at Macy’s School of Cooking. I was in the instruction kitchen two hours before the kids arrived to prep the ingredients and portions for that day’s recipes. During the day, cooking and mixing, I supervised the kids and helped when needed. At the end of the camp day, I cleaned up and was off by 4pm. It was wonderful and allowed me to meet some professional guest chefs from famous restaurants around the city. I learned valuable new cooking techniques, patience with children, and practiced working with commercial kitchen requirements, which is transferrable to many places of food service (restaurants, coffee shops, etc.).