Things You’ll Never Think Of For Your Wedding

I’m pretty sure Pinterest was sent directly from the angels in Heaven. Pinterest has been more than incredibly useful in my wedding planning ventures. From all the uniquely hipster pins to the ways­to­save pins, I’ve been ‘pinning’ up many storms since Tim and I got engaged. I’ve found ideas on Pinterest that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise, so I’m here to share some best of the best. This is the fruit of my million hours spent in search for my own wedding and some hardcore Pinterest research in hopes of helping you.

For Pictures:
Dad/brother seeing bride for the first time
Flower girl looking at your wedding gown [give it to her as a wedding gift one day]
Capture your last kiss as a single girl when leaving the rehearsal dinner

The Odds ‘n Ends:
Remember some of your favorite dudes by giving your man’s groomsmen gifts!

Include the kids! For the toast: Have cookies and champagne glasses filled with milk or rootbeer floats in champagne glasses.

Wear your wedding dress and have your groom wear his tux for your first anniversary dinner [how cool is this idea!]

Wear one of your hubby’s button up’s to get ready in [love it ­ So glad I found it.]

Write a little note to your groom and have your flower girl deliver it to him when she arrives at the altar.

Instead of having a head table with bridesmaids and groomsmen have 2 tables for your wedding party and their dates/spouses.

Put a line on your RSVPs for guests to request a song. This will make them feel included, and they’ll get pumped when their song is played.

And the process continues…