Penny Pinching Honeymoon

Finally! The last stage of planning! [Well, technically…you’ve been planning the honeymoon for a long while as well] but still you’re nearing the end!

Here are some ways to save for your honeymoon:

1. Book early: Depending on your destination, some places fill up quickly especially if you’re planning on vacationing during prime vacation months. By booking early, you can avoid the spiked prices.

2. Turn an oldie into a goodie:
It is your honeymoon, so of course you will want the vacation of your dreams; but you don’t need to go to Hawaii or Greece to have the best honeymoon possible. You’re newlyweds and you’re in love; no matter where you go, you will be the happiest you’ve ever been. Tim and I decided to spend a week in northern Michigan. Since I’m from southeastern Detroit, we’ll be flying into Detroit and driving my beloved and trusted Ion up to the UP. Does your family have a vacation home? Maybe take a trip down memory lane with your new hubby.

3. In my OMG you’re engaged post, I referenced a source called HoneyFund. On Honey Fund, you’re able to create a registry for your honeymoon! Family and friends can help you reach your dream honeymoon by donating to your fund. On your profile, you’re able to share where you’re going to be spending your vacation and the why you chose your destination of choice! This is a great and simple way to reach the honeymoon of your dreams.

Good ole fashion saving is always a great way to reach your dream honeymoon. I’m quite the budgeter so I take out cash for certain things each month. I’ve been saving my change from all of my purchases for our honeymoon. Lola [the pig covered with hearts] has been helping me to achieve this. She’s become a running joke between Tim [who named her Lola] and me, so we decided we’re going to have her sit loud and proud at our wedding reception.