5 Healthy Date Ideas

When I’m planning a date, for me at least, my first idea is usually dinner and a movie. While that may be fun, it’s not so great when it comes to being healthy. Between drinks, dinner, popcorn, candy, and sitting the entire night, it’s certainly not the ideal date for health and wellness. Here are 5 healthy date ideas:

1. Bike Ride: Get out in the fresh air and discover the beauty hidden in your neighborhood. Find a lovely trail along a lake, beach, or wood and take pleasure in this childhood past-time. With both of your hearts pumping and all that fantastic oxygen, you just might start a cycling addiction together.

2. Farmer’s Market: Instead of your usual breakfast spot or bistro, grab a reusable bag and take to the farmer’s market nearest you. Many farmers at these markets boast organic produce  This idea has two options. Here’s the first option: Enjoy breakfast or lunch from one of the vendors serving dishes with the freshest of ingredients as you peruse the wares and fruits of the farmer’s labour.

3. Farmer’s Market #2: For the second option, purchase ingredients for a fabulous lunch or dinner to cook together. The farmers often have recipes on hand and recommendations on how to prepare. Not only are you able to control the quality of your meal but you are helping local farmers and vendors sustain their businesses. Don’t forget all that chemistry you’ll be cooking up between you and your date in the kitchen!

4. Hike: Plan a vigorous hike! If you’re in San Diego like us, Afoot and Afield in San Diego County has plenty of challenging adventures.

5. Salsa Dancing: Turn up the heat with a couple’s dance class. Pick something like Salsa or swing so you’re more inclined to use your skills outside of class.