Discover These Movies: 2010

Attention: the following films have been watched and reviewed for your future enjoyment.

  • 127 hours – This is perhaps the best performance ever given by James Franco in his film career. Portraying real-life hero Aron Ralston, a cocky mountain climber seeking adventure in the isolated Utah, Franco encourages the audience to examine their own lives at the agonizing point of death and the lingering fear of “what if?” The determination and self-discipline is equally profound in this exhausting story of survival. Courage is facing fear, not evading it.

  • Made in Dagenham – Set at a Ford factory in the later 1960s, this spirited account of an historical British strike to fight female discrimination is well worth your time. What begins as a local attempt to vamp up wages soon turns into a national endeavor to equalize women’s rights in the workplace.

  • Oranges and Sunshine –  The truth will set them all free. Placed in the heart of Nittingham, UK during the 1980s this strong but charming tale depicts a woman’s courageous determination to bare truth. While conducting routine research for her job, social worker Margaret Humphreys uncovers evidence of British government- organized deportation of children to Australia. As the reuniting of these children to their families takes supreme importance, Margaret’s own family suffers in her absence. Be sure to watch until the end credits when the date of the nation’s apology is revealed and proves as appalling as the story itself.

  • Rabbit Hole – Based on the play by David Lindsay-Abaire, this film tells the story of a seemingly perfect couple who is using all marital strength to cope with the loss of their only son. Using therapy, confrontation, and each other’s grief in an attempt to make a healthy recovery, their differing views of moving forward cause split tensions and rash decisions. Becca (Nicole Kidman) sterilizes her life and reaches out to the teenage driver who killed her boy, while husband Howie (Aaron Ekhart) immerses himself in past videos and pictures. Their choices test more than a marriage; they test a fate.

  • True GritFilm veteran Jeff Bridges plays a hardened US marshal in the story of a young woman’s driven revenge of her father’s death. Fourteen-year-old feisty farm girl Mattie hires the marshal and insists on accompanying him in the bounty search for murderer Chaney. Also joining their group is Texas Ranger LaBoeuf who seeks Chaney for a personal debt. While the three members of this unlikely party grapple with the bounds of pride, their true gumption is tested by compassion and sacrifice.