How To Balance Multiple Jobs

Sometimes you work more than one job to make rent. Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of doing what you’re passionate about, and you take a job to pay the bills. You do what you have to do after life throws a curve ball, or you’re taking steps to build a career which has resulted in working full­ time plus a job on weekends. In my case, I moved back to San Diego to be closer to my fiancé which meant a shift in my own routine. I no longer would be working one full ­time job. I would work two part­ time jobs.

Achieving work/life balance is a learning process. I’m still learning how to balance two part ­time jobs and two free­lance positions, but after some months of adjustment, I’ve picked up a few tips that have helped me manage multiple priorites. Whether in school, working, interning, or all of the above, I hope these few tips that have helped me free you from some of the stress and chaos.

1. Take in some nature. If your mind is in a million and one places, don’t force it to go any further. Let it breathe and go for a walk. Take 10 and go for a brief walk around the office or around your campus. Give your thoughts some time to regroup, and you’ll be ready to tackle whatever is waiting for you back at your desk without a problem.

2. A love affair with to­do lists. I am convinced this one is the secret weapon to success. My life simply would not be the same if it weren’t for index cards. First thing I do in the morning is make a list of the tasks that I need to accomplish at my first job. I do the same when 1PM rolls around and I’m at my second job. It keeps me on track and keeps me focused. Plus, the satisfaction you get from crossing off a completed task is an added bonus.

3.  Your day off. If you’re working on side projects, work might cut into the weekends. Keep one day out of the week where you set aside work and live.

4.  Eat well and exercise. Yes I am going to be that person who says, “Don’t eat McDonalds.” I also would be the first to say if I could a donut every morning for breakfast, I would. But what we eat affects us emotionally and physically. Keep a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and grains so you’re able to stay energized and focused. We’re told we perform better if we exercise; it keeps us clear­headed and helps to boost our A game. Find a time when you feel best, and go for a jog a few times a week. You’ll no longer be dragging throughout the day.

5. You time. Sometimes. On Friday night, you want to get in your sweats, light a candle, and watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians with a load of laundry going in the background. I’m a little bit of a grandma. I love to go out, but I love lounging with some craptastic reality TV or a good movie. In the craziness of 9­-5, Monday­ through Friday, remember to take some time for yourself.

And one more. If you’re able, leave work at work when 5 o’clock rolls around. When you’re out with your boo or friends, relax. We like to talk about how stressed we are or vent about the guy who caused you two more hours of work, but this only stresses us out more; and it can put a great deal of stress on our relationships. Free yourself from some worry, and leave the office at the office.