What’s Your Power Color?

It was late evening in April and my junior formal was underway 20 miles west. Instead of dancing wildly about linoleum the floor, I found myself sipping sparkling cider in the living room of some girlfriends as we laughed about nonsensical inside jokes and darted from subjects faster than a rabbit evading hunting season. In the midst of making light jabs and squealing about the “fine” boys of our class, a friend began to invent our “power colors.” These are single-color based wardrobe choices that are the comforting loose shirts when we’re sick or the confidence-boosting blouse for a presentation. It’s the color that makes you feel stunning, full, free, relaxed, and worthy of the world’s attention.

Colors themselves: Not all colors are created equal! Like an upscale editing program they vary in hue, saturation, tint, and brightness. Let’s take the three primary colors– Red is not just “red” but rust, crimson, salmon, coral, ruby, cardinal, maroon. Blue is periwinkle, baby, Egyptian, cobalt, ultramarine, navy. Yellow is canary, mustard, maize, goldenrod, mango, school bus, lemon chiffon.

Of course you can act on impulsive intuition as you thumb through the hangers, but if you need a little advice to find your own “power color”, try these starters:

Skin Color: Embrace your ethnic shade.  Are you a fair porcelain angel needing a soft glaze? An old-world olive branch striking in her architecture? A velvety mocha wanting frothy cream?

Eye Color: Hazel eyes love greens, browns, and other natural colors. Blue crystals crave the sky’s morning pastels. Mysterious darks are purists at heart. Virtuous greens bode well with their complementary reds.

Hair Color: Okay Goldilocks, how art thou golden hue? A dishwater tint loves earthy tones while a platinum babe can easily go the neon route. If you’re more a chestnut brown, play up the red tints with creams, pearls, apricots, or a periwinkle blue. Let’s say you’re a ginger knockout, then don a charcoal grey, royal purple, or emerald green for a pop. Black haired gals are safe with golds, deep reds, and classy black.

Now that you can break down the color scheme, let’s try a few combos to get started…

Olive Skin, Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes: Natural or regal colors. Try browns, tans, creams, and greens or deep reds and navy blues.

Fair Skin, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes: Feminine pinks, turquoise, and bohemian mustards should serve you well.

Tan Skin, Black Hair, Brown Eyes: Ocean blues, crisp whites, and blacks will enhance your strong features.

Fair Skin, Red Hair, Green Eyes: Golden yellows, emerald greens, gold accessories, and most bright colors will make you shine, while the creams will soften the shock of your beautiful natural contrasts.

Olive Skin, Black Hair, Blue Eyes: A neutral palette will let those eyes electrify, but don’t be afraid of orange complements and nature’s blue hues.

Fair Skin, Brown Hair, Green Eyes: Bright reds will give you a lift while browns will match your locks and yellow will give you a peppermint-meets-chamomile tint.