Sweat Pants and Night Cheese

I am a person who doesn’t like to be left out. I like knowing what is going on at all times with everyone in my circles of friends, family members and co-workers. I like being included. Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, you can’t escape knowing every outing, life event, and thought in your “friends’” lives and if your are being left out. Thanks social media?

I’m totally guilty of Insta-bombing the mess out of a concert my Facebook friends wish they could be at. Or gramming a picture of some crazy good eats at a fancy restaurant. Or a selfie boarding a plane to some swanky destination. I share what makes me look like a baller and those awesome filters only add to my radness.

I look awesome when I share sick pics and quippy status updates! But when other people do, and I realize that I’m not there to share in the uploading of social currency, I feel like a total loser with no friends. Now, that might sound dramatic.

It is.

But don’t lie, you know what I’m talking about.

The thing is though, I like being by myself. Really. I like sitting on my bed and reading for multiple hours. I like going shopping by myself. I like being in my sweatpants at 5:30 PM most nights. I like sipping on red wine at 7 PM on a Tuesday while eating some Traders Joe’s cheese and catching up on my TV shows. I don’t need to be with someone at all times to be content. You might say that I’m an introvert. And you would be wrong. I just find it exhausting to be an extrovert at all times.


Seeing friends hang out without me used to really bother me. I’d wonder if I was a crappy friend, if I said something that hurt their feelings, or if they just didn’t like being seen in public with me. But lately, when these feelings come up, I think, wait a minute, I don’t want to be where they are right now. I’m loving this Cabernet and these old volleyball shorts. Yes, that looks like fun and yes, I’d like to do that. I don’t like being left out. But I don’t have to be a part of everything every time.

The next time you feel left out and those pangs of jealousy start to creep up, look around at what you’ve got going on. It’s probably pretty rocking.