Establishing Your Life After College

Post college life can be hard. It was just easier to make friends when you spent every day in the same classroom with the same people! We had it easy in elementary, middle, and high school and even in college. But then, we graduate college, and maybe we move to a totally new, foreign city for a job, and move into an apartment with roommates we don’t know.

What do we do? How do we get established, let alone gain a social life?

When we were getting ready to graduate college, we had a million things on our minds ­ where am I going to work? Will I even find a job? We’re meeting deadlines, writing essays, and trying to get our post­grad lives together. After the excitement passes, we get settled, and after we have found our new routine we may find ourselves thinking, ‘what now?’

A couple months ago, I was faced with this thought. And it was less than pleasant. I had been settled into my new apartment for awhile and was established in my new work routine. I was spending a lot of time with Tim as we had been separated by different time zones for a few months. His social life was established since he had been in SD for a while. It all began to sink in: my friends from school moved away, and I moved away from my family.

Little did I know, my roommate [who I had yet to hang out with] felt the same way. After the excitement of getting settled into her new life passed, she thought, ‘what’s next’? The next thing I know, we were sitting on the couch with a glass of wine watching some Gilmore Girls.

Don’t be afraid to take risks and open yourself up to meeting new people. Allow yourself to open up to one person. A wise woman once said, “one person can open you up to a whole new world.”

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