13 Uses For Panty Hose

What began as a lightweight alternative to stockings in the 1960s quickly became an American woman’s staple as panty hose enveloped grateful legs across the country. Because the life span of panty hose averages 2 months, that’s a lot of spare nylon hanging around your “unmentionables” drawer. Here are some ideas to make use of the oldies-but-goodies:

1.  Bathtub Aromatherapy – In the same vein of a tea ball, combine mixtures of oatmeal, citrus rind, and Epson salts in a panty hose and tie to your faucet as the tub fills. Enjoy your relaxing herbs for a soothing bath accompaniment.

2.   Cheesecloth Sub – Whether it’s making your own food strainer, herb sachet for soups, or tea ball infuser use the panty hose to let water in and out.

3.   Hairbrush Lint Cleaner – Though I haven’t personally tried this option, you can use a panty hose stretched over your favorite brush to remove hair and buildup. Push the hose down over the brush bristles with a bobby pin and remove the entire net when desired. (Tip: Also try boiling your brush to remove product buildup and loosen fuzz.

4.   Vacuum Cover – Let’s say you lost an earring somewhere in the recesses of your lush carpet. After palpating the general area where it fell, try rubber banding a hose to the end of your vacuum hose and continue to suck. You’ll have the earring stuck to the net of your wand in no time.

5.   Fan blade covers – Slip single panty hose on each fan blade. As time passes and dust collects, switch out the covers for a dusting routine that takes seconds. Use white hose for white blades, black for dark woods, etc.

6.   Cotton Ball Sub – After a thorough wash, use the panty hose as a makeup remover, nail polish remover, and shoe scuff abolisher.

7.   Soap Recycler – Does your soap ever break into bits? Instead of trashing those perfectly sufficient cleaning instruments now unusable, throw a few into your nylon and watch your ball suds into a perfect lather.

8.   Duster – Panty hose make the perfect duster for bookshelves, kitchenware, windowsills, baseboards, keyboards, and car dashboards. Spritz with a little vinegar/water/lemon oil mixture, or use a commercial cleaner.

9.   Clothes Freshener – Tie up a bundle of lavender, eucalyptus, or other plants and place with your damp clothes in the dryer. While the clothes dry your herbaceous scents will gently waft through the fibers.

10.   Magazine Organizer – Instead of stacking those precious magazines to collect dust try rolling them (or posters or art prints) in panty hose for a free tidy alternative for your closet crafts.

11.   Trade Up the Linens – Panty hose make great washcloths, dust rags, shoe shiners, glass cleaners and car buffers.

12.   Kitchen Containers – Use a panty hose leg to store onions and garlic in a cool, dry place. Also keep extra plastic bags tame in their own tube.

13.   Garden Ties – Instead of pricy twine, save resources and cut/tear your panty hose into strips to hold tomatoes, beans, and other garden delights to their posts.