I Pledge To Be Better

There seems to be an inner beauty revolution sweeping across blogs, media, and the every other medium known to man. We’ve got Lena Dunham’s Girls screaming individuality and we’ve got the Dove beauty ads telling us we’re more beautiful than we think we are. We’ve got Mindy Kaling, Zooey Deschanel, and Tina Fey telling us to embrace our quirks and telling us that it’s okay to be awkward and a little bit nerdy.

This is all a breath of fresh air.  This movement is good. I appreciate this shift because it is true that we need to embrace our beauty, realize our worth, and be confident in who we are.

But. Where’s the line?

We shouldn’t embrace the fact that we keep making excuses for not going to the gym.  We shouldn’t embrace the fact we often hit the snooze button and grab fast food for dinner 4 nights a week. We shouldn’t revel in our bad habits claiming individuality. We should strive to be better.  We should want to be better – not in a way that disguises true growth and improvement like caking on pounds of makeup while still thinking lowly of ourselves – but in a way that challenges us to recognize our worth and become even better.

Yes. Embrace who you are, because you are worth something – and if you’re a product of current society – you’re probably worth more than you think you are. Be your own person and know there is no one else like you, but don’t stop there. Go beyond. Get motivated. And challenge yourself to reach your seemingly unattainable dreams.

I pledge to accept my beauty, but I also pledge to be better.