MC Hammer Pants!

They go by many names. Aladdin Pants. Parachute Pants. MC Hammer Pants. Pantaloons. Drop Crotch Pants. Harem Pants!

Harem pants are baggy long pants that are tapered at the ankles with “flaps” of fabric at the hips. This style originated in India and they are sort of a cross between a maxi skirt and skinnies. The modern harem pant isn’t nearly as…drop crotch-y or saggy as the original that came out many years ago. Unlike, MC Hammer you CAN touch this – the trend I mean. I was sceptical about being able to pull this off but I think I’m a believer!


I recently scored a pair from H&M for $17.95 and I’m trying to figure out how to wear them while still keeping my personal style and aesthetic. Okay, I have to say here, these are crazy comfortable. Obviously. They are like chic sweatpants! Who can’t get behind a glammed up sweat pant? Am I right!? Here’s the first look I came up with using other wardrobe items I already own.






The denim jacket added some needed structure to the loose and flowy pants. The scarf (my current favorite that I’m wearing with everything) added a pop of pattern and kept the look bohemian and colorful.

What do you think? Can you rock a harem pant?