How Should He Take Care Of You?

This is a question that I have been grappling with for some time. It is my dream to marry a man who knows each and every intimate part of me as a best friend and lover, especially the parts that I don’t even know I’m hiding.

What gal wouldn’t want a genuine question of “How are you doing, my dearest woman?” every weekend over a cup of the very best hot chocolate? Is it too much to ask for a guy that drops everything when he notices you are holding back tears and collects you into a gentle hug? Should he take you out to dinner and consistently buy you small tokens of affection just to evoke your smile that he craves all day at work?

What are the bounds of a chivalrous knight, and where is he expected to reign?

I have a few observations…let me know you thoughts.

Fighting Daddy’s Girl Syndrome: Dads are means to take care of their little girls in two ways. First, they are to teach them how to succeed in the world. Second, they are to make sure their sweet angel knows her beauty. Sadly, most fathers lack one or both of these distinctly masculine nurturing characteristics. Ladies, you shouldn’t be looking to please a man for your own affirmation that Dad didn’t offer. Instead, search for the mature partnership without ghosts. He should bring out your good qualities, be patient as you fix your undesirable ones, and support your passions.

If Opposites Attract, then it follows that the introvert needs the extrovert, the emo-punk chick is knitted to the jock’s popularity, and the hard-worker supports the frivolous babe. Your complementary man acts to the opposite of your moods and can bring you to a balance. He might not ever commit to your point of view, but you share a happy middle ground together that is a new creation. Be prepared for compromise and notice the difference; that’s what keeps you both attractive.

My beau’s greatest compliment seems to be, “We think the same way.” While the observation is slightly below my romantic yearn, I have come to understand he means to compliment the process of reason and the means of communication which we share. Being a “feeler” I’d rather embellish an emotionally-driven connection, but we work to find a balance that suits us individually, often taking refuge in Respect.

Should Birds of a Feather flock together? A friend once approached me and dismally announced her behavior of dating men exactly like herself was narcissistic. Her fervor surprised me, as did my own reaction of disagreement. It can be extremely comforting to have a mate interested in similar tastes, experiences, and hobbies. You’ll find a certain rest in the other and a distinct (though not thorough) ease in sharing life.

The surest way to know what you need from your companion is to know what you need IN him. The more you know yourself, the healthier a relationship you can expect in return.