Mother’s Day

To Mom. Love Bridget.

Mom’s Day is this Sunday! It’s all about the lady who loved ya when no one else would. The lady who changed your diapers, wiped your snot and hugged you through your first break up. Moms are the best.

I love my mom but finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her seems to get harder and harder every year. I usually go for small, non-breakable, and sentimental. Partly because whatever the gift, it has to make it across the country and be just as adorable going into the post office box as it is coming out, and I’m not a craft person by any stretch of the imagination. So, what I lack in crafting skills I try to make up for in thought and wit.

Last year, my gift for my mother was on the cheaper end of the gift giving scale. I’m talking $10 ish. So, this year I decided to go a bit bigger.

A few months ago my boo and I were listening to a podcast that Monocle Radio puts out called The Entrepreneurs. They were featuring a San Francisco based gift giving company called Wantful. They let the receiver of the gift choose the item that they want! Okay, that’s oversimplifying a little bit. Basically, I told Wantful a little bit about my Mom and selected twelve different items that I think she would like at a specific price point. Wantful puts the images and description of those items into a glossy book, wrapped in rice paper with a note from me. The booklet will be sent to my mom and she gets to pick any of the items in the booklet as her gift! I put everything from bespoke candies to a passport book she can use when we visit my sister in Italy this summer.

What are you doing for your mom this year?

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To Mom. Love Kaitlin.

Holidays were always an interesting topic of discussion growing up because we rarely celebrated them in my house.  Sure, the family would go over to my grandparents for the big ones, and when it came to Mother’s Day, it was looked at as more of Grandma’s Day.  I’d get my mom a card or something, but nothing that screamed sentiment and appreciation.

And when I got a little older and ended up moving out of my parents’ house, those holidays were recognized even less.

But then I grew up; and now I’m an adult. And Mother’s Day is recognized as Mother’s Day because my mom deserves to be recognized.  My mom has been more than helpful in wedding planning over the last year: making guest lists, planning a second reception; she’s fully invested in making sure I have the day she’s envisioned for me and that I so desire.  So I’m going to write her a thank you note.  A simple gesture, yes.  An inadequate gift? Probably.  But moms don’t hear the words ‘thank you’ enough, at least my mom didn’t.  So a month before my wedding, I’m going to tell her how I couldn’t have done it without her.