How To Go Shopping For Shorts

It is that time!

Time to go buy shorts.

Like shopping for jeans, shopping for shorts can be the worst.  For real.  I’m not sure what people think when they design and craft clothes, but we ladies do not have builds like the manneqins.  Despite the number that lights up on the scale, it never seems to be easy for ladies to buy pants.

I went out to buy shorts a couple weeks ago, and being painfully aware of my previous shorts shopping outings, I took measures to ensure myself of the best couple hours at the mall I could possibly have.

#1 I washed my hair.  This might be a weird number one to some.  You might ask, “Why don’t you wash your hair every day, Kaitlin?”  I’d say, “It’s bad for your hair.”  But on days when I need to feel extra good about myself, I need a fresh feel to my locks or I’ll feel gross all day; and that will set the tone when I walk into that fine, fluorescent lighting.

#2 I put on some sassy makeup.  Fitting rooms are the worst!  The lighting just bums me out.  No one looks good in that lighting.  Put on some makeup that makes you feel a little sassy and puts you in a mood to conquer the unflattering spotlight.  Maybe try some blue eyeliner or a bright lipstick.

#3 I took out cash.  In the past, shopping for shorts is never just shopping for shorts.  I usually ended up at Target or Marshalls buying candles, gluten-free cookies, and sandals.  This time I made an action plan.  I gave myself a budget and took out cash, so with every purchase I was forced to evaluate how much I’ve spent.

#4 I wore clothes that were easy to get out of.  This one is a big one; if I’m going to be trying on multiple pairs of shorts and making more than one trip to the fitting room, I need to not be struggling to get in and out of my skinnys or you will hear me drop an F bomb from the fitting room next door.  It’s just frustrating.  Sport the effortless look with a loose T or button up and some comfy pants!

#5 Take a break.  If it’s not happenin’, then it’s not happenin.  Go peruse Barns & Noble for a bit or grab a latte from the Nordstrom Cafe.  Don’t force it; you’ll find a good pair in time.