Do’s and Don’ts for Engagement Pictures

Engagement pictures.

They are a big deal.  And picking out what you’re going to wear is an even bigger deal…

Tim and I recently got back from Alaska where we finally had our engagement pictures taken!  [Fun fact: Since we’re hipsters, we thought it only right to take our photos a month before we get married.] Before we left, I was sifting through my closet searching for the perfect balance of country hipster and chic elegance.  We checked the weather; it showed mid 60s.  Score.  My outfits were perf.

The day of the photoshoot arrived and it was cold.  We’re talking Alaskan cold.  Literally.  I was a little bummed that I couldn’t wear my chic white, collared tank and maroon pencil skirt.  I sulked for .2 seconds [mostly regretting the time I spent picking out outfits prior to departing for AK] then thought

screw it.

I wore what I traveled in.  And I was comfortable.  I was in my element.  I sported the look I usually sport: an effortless look with [what I’d like to think is] a touch of personal style.

Here’s what I learned.  Don’t fret about what to wear.  Go for what you always wear.  You’ll be comfortable which means you’ll focus on you and your man and the fun you’re having looking all in love for the camera.  And that’s all that matters – not the fact you’d like to show off your new shirt from the Gap.

Yes.  Look good.  Yes.  Feel good.  But don’t over think it; if you’re uncomfortable in your clothes, you’ll be uncomfortable posing; and that will come across in your pictures and painfully so.

Bring anything to the shoot that makes you feel comfortable!  I brought a blanket and got some coffee before we went out.

It felt like a typical Saturday morning with my best friend, and that’s what made the photo shoot perfect.