DIY Coasters

Hey guys! Today on the menu is do-it-yourself coasters. I found this idea floating around on Pinterest one day, and once I saw this Pin I was immediately interested in making these bad boys. Unfortunately, I am not the crafty lady I wish to be (my older sister inherited that gene), so once I saw how easy it was to make these coasters, I was sold.

Not only were these coasters super easy to make, the supplies were pretty inexpensive too! I purchased three spray paints, a paint pen, and one cork sheet at Joann’s Fabric & Craft store (luckily, I already had the other supplies at home). After being a thrifty shopper and using them coupons, I spent about $15 total, which is pretty sweet considering that these supplies will last me a little while.

Anyways, I’m super excited to share this DIY with you so, without further ado, here are the cast of characters:


Cork sheet


Blue painter’s tape

Paint pen

Spray paint

Something round totrace the coasters with


Step one: Using your round dish, trace a few circles onto the cork sheet.

Step two: Cut those lil’ circles out.


Step three: Using the blue painter’s tape, make different designs on the coaster and spray paint.


Step four: While you wait for the spray paint to dry, make some hand-drawn coasters with your white paint pen.


Step five: Once the spray paint has dried, peel the blue tape off.


Step six: Impress your guests by bringing these coasters out during your next get together, or kick back and drink some Izze’s with your boo 🙂


I hope y’all enjoyed this DIY! If you decide to make your own coasters, hashtag #brokebutbougie on Instagram &/or Twitter. We would love to see how yours turned out!