The Perks Of Journaling

It’s safe to say that we are all busy people. From those rock star mamas who juggle one too many roles to those determined college students (hey SDSU peeps!) working their booties off to graduate while still trying to maintain a social life…chances are y’all are busy-busy-bees. I totally get it. Between finishing up last touches on wedding planning, slowly moving into a new apartment, wrapping up this school semester, and working part-time, things have gotten pretty busy on my end too.

One way I have coped with stress these last few months has been by journaling.  Journaling is my much-needed alone and quiet time. It’s time I set aside to wrap my mind around where I am at in life, reminding myself about what’s important, and what I need to focus on in days to come.

I’ve found that there are a few perks to journaling:

• You get to track your personal growth. We may not realize how we are constantly changing. It’s cool to see our personal growth in our thoughts, our handwriting and the way that we talk. Once you get going with journaling, it’s fun to look back at your old entries. You may realize how much you’ve changed within a matter of weeks!

• You can express yourself freely. You can take this time to really be honest with yourself and evaluate where you’re at in life. Is there something that’s bothering you? Are there goals that you want to establish? You’d be surprised at how much you can write once you get started!

• Use journaling as “you” time. You can decide to set aside time to journal in the quiet of the night or during the early morning without the distraction of your phone, computer, T.V., family members, etc. Enjoy this time of peace and quiet.

This isn’t so much a perk as it is advice, but lastly I encourage you to really be yourself when writing. Who cares about perfect grammar or neat writing during this time? Add pictures, doodle, or jot down comments about something interesting, or funny that happened that day. Make your journaling experience as unique/complex/simple as you want. Make it you!