How To Throw A Wine Tasting

Throwing a DIY wine tasting is an affordable, great way to put together a networking event or just a fun evening with your girls in just five easy steps:

  1. First, pick a region. You can be as broad as a country like Argentina and France, and use this as the theme of your wine tasting. This could also be easily done for a beer tasting as well if you and your friends are more into barley than grape.

  2. If you need to be economical, have each of your guests select a bottle of wine from that region to bring and share rather than splurging on the whole spread yourself.

  3. In exchange for your friends’ or networking buddies’ participation, you will supply the grub. The key here is to keep it simple and to stick to your theme by opting for cheeses and small bites from the same region. For instance if you picked Spain, you may opt for manchego, iberico ham, pan con tomate, and peaches for dessert.

  4. Include cute notecards and golf pencils so your guests can take notes on the wine (or beer).  If you’re an overachiever, put some great fun facts about the region or conversation starters on the back of the note cards. This can be extremely helpful if you’re hosting a tasting with a group that doesn’t know each other.

  5. Make sure you know the purpose for your tasting, whether it is to spend time with friends or meet-and-greet.  Create an intimate space within your home or venue where your group can discuss and enjoy their libations.

This can easily turn into a once a month gathering with each evening ending by selecting a new region from a hat and someone from the group to take a turn as host.