Interview with Lindsay Yenter – The Bachelor Season 17

If you’re a Bachelor fan, this one is for you! I got the chance to chat with Lindsay Yenter, runner up on this past season of the match making show on ABC. You might know her as the girl in the wedding dress but you might not know that she is a talented teacher who is driven to help families and children succeed.

B: What was the hardest part about being on The Bachelor?

L: The hardest thing for me was not being able to communicate with my friends or family. I really had to rely on my inner strength and my relationship with God. It was hard. I didn’t realize how much of a challenge it was going to be, but the experience has given me a thick skin and I’m stronger for it.

B: What’s your life been like after The Bachelor?

L: Before The Bachelor, I was really up in the air about what I wanted to do. I had just graduated from college, so I was a little overwhelmed because I couldn’t find a job. I knew I wanted to work with women and relationships, I just didn’t know how or where.

After being on the show, I realized that I really love love! I love the whole wedding scene and helping women make their wedding a truly incredible day. The Bachelor gave me the opportunity to work with Enzoani, the company that created the wedding dress I wore on the show. I hosted their 2014 Fashion Show recently and that was absolutely fantastic. I’m also interested in relationships as well. To me that’s sort of another part of weddings and marriage – families!


B: How about your personal life?

L: Before being on The Bachelor, I was a bit of a pushover. Since being on the show I’m much more aware of the power of communicating and letting other people know exactly how I’m feeling. It’s served me well at work as well. I can communicate openly with the people I’m working with and feel like I’ve been heard and understood exactly like I wanted to be.