Why Women Love/ Hate Facial Hair

After watching the documentary, “Mansome”, I was intrigued to discuss this topic and since this weekend is Father’s Day, I figured it’s sort of the perfect time to talk about dudes and facial hair… from the lady perspective, of course!

Men and facial hair. It’s what differentiates them from the ladies. For some it’s a symbol of authority, masculinity and leadership. To others, it’s a symbol that you don’t care enough or have the time to shave. Or you’re just so hipster – of course you have a waxed ‘stache. I bet you have one of those antique bikes with the gigantic front wheel too.

Alright, so men can do it. Ladies can’t. But we can certainly have an opinion about it, right?

Facial hair is one of those things that some ladies love on their man, while others can’t stand it. Many times, the same reason one woman loves facial hair, is the reason another lady will hate it.

Here are a few reasons to love (or hate) facial hair:

1. It’s Scratchy

Hate it

You know that guy with a beard? The one that looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket and the electrical current only fried his beard? Not okay. If a guys’ beard is exploding out of his face like a wrathful brillo pad, he’s got some work to do. Some guys can rock a full beard. Awesome! But tame that thang.

Love it

When you see a guy with a beard, you know he’s a man. That may sound really obvious, but men with beards appear more aggressive, and in a word, “manly.” Historically, beards symbolize dominance and power. When you kiss a guy with a beard, there is no mistaking his manliness – he’s a man, and his scratchy face confirms it.

2. Baby face

Hate It

Certain ladies (and employers) find that men with beards are more mature and trusting. Have a baby face? Well, you’re lady may want you to cover that up with some soft and well kept facial hair. Also, the Hitler and pencil thin is never okay. You know what, anything from “Threatening” down is not okay.

(Click the graphic for a larger view)


Love It

Some men keep a beard to cover up their otherwise boyish faces. Hey, some women totally dig a soft, clean shaven, boyishly cute, man. If you’re going to shave everyday, I recommend using some form of facial moisturizer or after-shave. Clean shaven is one thing, covered in red bumps and ingrown hairs is another.

3. Dark hair; Red Beard

Love It

There are certain men, for whatever reason, have brown or dark hair on their heads but when they grow and beard, they have patches of red or blonde-ish hair splotching their otherwise dark beard. But, ya know, some ladies like a guys who’s just a little off. A beard with color is endearing and memorable.

Hate It

Splotchy beard?! Gross. In the same way that some women like their man to wear matching clothing, they like their man to have matching head and facial hair. And let’s be honest dying or plucking to get rid of the different shades of hair just makes it look worse. Talk to your lady about this one, guys.

When it comes to facial hair, personally, I think it depends on the man. It looks great on some people and terrible on others. The only advice I would give it – Don’t let the hair control you. What do you think?

Also, I recommend the documentary “Mansome” if you’re interested in more on the male grooming subject.